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Bridget Fonda’s Net Worth: Everything About Danny Elfman’s Wife

Bridget-Fonda Bridget-Fonda

Bridget is the wife of celebrity Danny Elfman. Fonda is also a former actress who began acting at a young age. Despite his debut role being uncredited, she went on to appear in numerous roles and even won a couple of awards.

Despite having a promising acting career, the actress put down her tools in 2005 and focused on caring for her family. But that does not mean that Bridget is a broke former actress. She has continued to live a luxurious life, thanks to her early hard work, and collaboration with her husband.


Fonda began acting when she was a toddler. When she was five years old, she had the privilege to act in “Easy Rider”, a film that her father had helped co-write and produce. Her next role was in “Partners”, a non-speaking role in 1982. In 1988, she got more substantial roles in “Scandal”, “Shag” and “You Can’t Hurry Love”.

Fonda got a career breakthrough when she acted in “The Godfather Part III”. The film was released in 1990, and it placed her on the map as an upcoming acting talent. After a few more roles, she landed a lead role in “Single White Female”.

Her career continued to blossom in the following years. In the late 90s, she was offered a lead role in a Television show, which she turned down to focus on film. She last appeared on the screen in “Snow Queen” a TV movie which was released in 2002. Since then, she married her current husband and has been focusing on caring for her family.Bridget-Fonda

Net Worth

Fonda’s net worth is over $55 million. The net worth includes that of her husband, considering that they have been co-owning properties since their marriage in 2003.

Fonda’s father was an actor. Thus, it was easier for her to venture into acting since her early years. At five years old, she starred in “Easy Rider”, a film that her father co-wrote and produced.

It was from that point that Fonda knew what she wanted to pursue. The former actress has featured in numerous films including “The Godfather Part III”. Despite retiring from her career early in 2003, she has continued to live a good life.

Personal Life

Fonda was born on January 27, 1964 in Los Angeles, California. She came from a family of actors, which inspired her future career. Her parents divorced when she was young, and she ended up living with her father and stepmother.

Fonda was dating Eric Stoltz for a couple of years. They broke their relationship in 1998 after eight years of dating. Fonda met her current husband Danny Elfman and they became engaged in 2003. They wedded in the same year and welcomed their son in 2005. Since then, Fonda has been a dedicated homemaker.

Real Estate

Fonda and her husband’s first real estate was bought in 2000. They paid $2.3 million and spent $3 more million to renovate it. Moreover, in 2015, they acquired another property next to their early one. In 2020, the couple listed the properties on the market for a combined $14.6 million.

In 2021, Fonda and her husband acquired two properties side by side for $8 million. The property located in Encino covers 2.2 acres. Moreover, they own a ranch which Danny acquired in the mid-1990s.

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