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Chantal Oster Early Life and about her Husband Keith Tkachuk 2024

Chantal-Oster-Early-Life-and-about-her-Husband-Keith-Tkachuk-2024 Chantal-Oster-Early-Life-and-about-her-Husband-Keith-Tkachuk-2024

Chantal Oster is a Canadian businesswomen and actress. She is well-known as a wife of retired professional ice hockey player “Keith Tkachuk”.  They both start dating in 1995 and married on 28 February 1997.

The couple have 3 children together. They welcomed their first children as a son “Matthew” on 11 December 1997. On 16 September, brady was born as a second son and on 1 November 2002, the couple welcomed a daughter named “Taryn”.

Early Life

Chantal Oster is born on 11 October in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She belongs to a Christianity religion and her Ethnicity is White. She raised in Winnipeg along with her siblings. She started her early education from nearby high school. After graduating from high school, she decided to joined the University of Manitoba and earn the degree of business. She also interests in architecture. She also designed their new home in St. Louis for her family.Chantal-Oster-Early-Life-and-about-her-Husband-Keith-Tkachuk

Chantal Oster eldest son “Matthew Brenden” follow his father footsteps and became a professional ice hockey player. He is a captain of Florida Panthers of National Hockey League. Her second son “Brady Tkachuk” is also a professional ice hockey player. He is the captain of Ottawa Senators in the National Hockey League. He played for one season in the University of Boston formally. Chantal Oster daughter “Taryn” completing her graduation from high school at Villa Duchesne in Missouri. She is a newbie at the University of Virginia and plays hockey in NCAA division.

About her Husband “Keith Tkachuk”

Keith Tkachuk is an American retired ice hockey player. He is born on March 1972 in Melrose, Massachusetts. He began playing hockey at the University of Boston. In 1991, he became a member of the U.S. National Junior team. He signed Keith Tkachuk 5 years deal worth $17 million with Jets/ Coyotes. In 1992, he became a member of Team USA.

Keith Tkachuk is one of the forth American players, who set a record of 500 NHL goals in his career. He scored 1,065 points by appearing in 1,201 games. At the age of 19, he made his NHL debut and became a Captain before the end of 2 season at Jets team. He smashed 50 goal back to back from 1995 to 1997. He achieved more success by scoring 52 goals  during the season with Phoenix, and became a first American player to set the record.

Keith Tkachuk net worth is $50 million. He built this amount of net worth from his successful career. He played as a left winger, center, and right winger in his career. He is one the highest paid player of his time in this hockey game.

Keith Tkachuk played in big teams like “St. Louis Blues”, “Winnipeg Jets”, “The Atlanta Thrashers”, and “Arizona Coyotes”. He is best known for his commitments to his teammates. In 2007, he signed a 2-year deal worth $8 million with St. Louis Blues. In 2009, he singed again one more year with St. Louis Blues. Keith Tkachuk announced a retirement from hockey in 2010.

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