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Colleen Ballinger’s Net Worth, Personal Life and Philanthropy

Colleen-Ballinger's-Net-Worth Colleen-Ballinger's-Net-Worth

Colleen Ballinger is a celebrated actress and YouTuber, best known for her character Miranda Sings. Before she became a star on YouTube, she acted in “Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee” where she appeared as Miranda Sings.

Even after the show came to an end, Ballinger has continued to release videos of the character on her YouTube account. She has grown to one of the most influential YouTube figures, amassing over 10 million subscribers on the platform.

What is Ballinger’s Net Worth?

Ballinger is a successful actress, comedian, and YouTuber who boasts a net worth of $12 million. The actress began performing in theaters and comedy clubs but has since grown into an established actress with a huge YouTube following.

After she played the Miranda Sings character, she has continued to portray the character. On her YouTube, she releases videos on the character. Hence, she earned billions of views on the platform and increased her subscribers to over 10 million.

Her acting and comedy career have enabled her to reach her net worth. But that does not mean she doesn’t have other income sources. In 2015, the star signed a deal with Netflix after she released her memoir. As a result, she has been earning over $5 million per year, including from other endeavors.Colleen-Ballinger's-Net-Worth,-Personal-Life-and-Philanthropy


Ballinger began pursuing various careers in the entertainment sector when she was in college. During her final year in college, she was working with Disney, while giving private voice lessons. Moreover, she was a movement coach and taught piano as well.

Her career began in 2009 after she was cast as Kelsi Nielsen in High School Musical. Although she was a singer, she started by contributing to other’s albums. While she was finding success in theaters, Ballinger was growing her YouTube channel with videos as Miranda Sings, the talentless performer.

After her channel began growing based on Miranda Sings, Ballinger began going on tours in the United States. Besides performing in major cities in the US, she has toured in other countries as well.

As a result of her growing fanbase, she got an invite to perform on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee in 2014. Ballinger’s social media presence was boosted by the Miranda Sings character. However, with time, she has diversified and continues to post on YouTube, where she has a couple of channels.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

Away from the screens, Ballinger leads a private life. She is a proud mother to three children, including a set of twins, a boy and a girl. She welcomed her eldest son Flyn in December with actor Erick Stocklin.

In November 2021, the couple welcomed their twins Maisy and Wesley. Before Ballinger walked down the aisle with Erick, she was dating and married to Joshua Evans a fellow YouTuber.

Ballinger has been dedicated to using her fame for the good of society. Since 2015 she has been conducting an annual fundraiser to benefit children with cancer. Moreover, in 2019 she joined efforts with another YouTuber and raised more than 1.3 million dollars for St. Jude’s. Since then she has been dedicated to fundraising every year.

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