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Dane Luke Majors: Who is He?

Dane-Luke-Majors-Who-is-He Dane-Luke-Majors-Who-is-He

The son of actor Lee Majors, Dane Luke Majors, has found success outside the acting world his father is known for. This article contains everything that we know about him.


Dane is one of Karen Velen and Lee Major’s twin sons – born on 22 October 1992. His twin brother Trey Majors is a San Diego surfboard shaper. Details about is childhood and education are not available to the public.

Acting Career

Dane did briefly act in the 2017 short movie “Honor Council” and the 2020 horror movie “Alone.” There’s nothing public about how much he got paid or whether he continued acting.

Business Venture

In late 2023 Dane opened a business in New York City called “In Sheep’s Clothing.” It is a listening bar mixed with a record shop – Dane is an entrepreneur and probably a music lover.

Personal Life

Unlike his father, Dane appears to want a more private life. Little about his personal life or business beyond his acting credits and business venture is known.

His Father, Lee Majors


Lee Majors is a name that has entertained audiences for more than five decades. His trajectory from park recreation director to television icon demonstrates perseverance and charisma.

Born Lee Yeary in 1939 at Wyandotte, Michigan, Majors was tragically born early on. He lost his father in a work accident before birth and his mother in a car accident as a toddler. Majors was raised by his aunt and uncle in Kentucky and he excelled in track and football.

Details on Lee Majors’ formal education are few. A football scholarship to Eastern Kentucky University did not work out for him due to a serious injury which affected his athletic dreams. This setback led him to acting.

Majors started acting small roles in television shows and movies in the early 1960s. His Big break came in 1965 as Heath Barkley in western the big Valley. For four seasons, Majors played a ranch hand alongside Barbara Stanwyck.

Majors made television history with the 1974 role of “The Six Million Dollar Man.” This sci-fi action series followed astronaut Steve Austin, who received bionic implants after a near-fatal accident. The show’s innovative special effects and Majors’ electrifying performance made him a superstar. The phrase “We can rebuild him. We have the technology,” became a catchphrase for Majors.

Majors followed with “The Six Million Dollar Man” (1981-1986). In this action-comedy series he played Douglas Barr with comedic timing and charisma. Majors remained involved in television shows and movies throughout his career, becoming a television legend.

Estimates on Lee Majors’ net worth vary – but he likely has tens of millions of dollars. His lengthy television career and possible endorsement deals and other ventures made him rich.

Lee Majors is four times married. His most public marriage was in 1973 to actress Farrah Fawcett. They split eventually but remained friends until her death in 2009. Now, Majors is married to Faith Majors, whom he married in 2002.

Unfortunately, Lee Majors died in 1986, but his legacy goes beyond television.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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