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Geraldine Khawly’s Bio, Family, Career And Net worth

Geraldine-Khawly’s-Bio,-Family,-Career-And-Net-worth Geraldine-Khawly’s-Bio,-Family,-Career-And-Net-worth

For some people, marriage does not only bring love and happiness but also a whole dose of popularity and stardom, and Geraldine Khawly is one such person. She is a celebrity spouse and is best known because of her ex-husband, Rohan Marley, who is a famous Jamaican entrepreneur. In this article, you will get all the life details of Geraldine Khawly.

Bio of Geraldine Khawly

The age as well as the names of the parents of Geraldine Khawly are not confirmed. We believe that today Geraldine Khawly must be at least more than 45 years old. If you talk about the love life of Geraldine Khawly, she got married at a very young age to her beau Rohan Marley in 1993 when she was in college. However, their marriage could not last long and they divorced in 1996 just within 3 years after having one son and one daughter together.

Wiki of Geraldine Khawly

Born in Kingston Jamaica, Geraldine Khawly is a Jamaican and is of Lebanese and Jamaican descent. Her exact date of birth and other personal information like hobbies, religious views, presence on social media, and political interests are not known.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that the family details of Geraldine Khawly remain completely secret to the public. Even after becoming popular, Geraldine Khawly never shared any details related to her parents and siblings.

Physical appearance

Geraldine Khawly truly defines beauty. Her slim and tall personality with black hair and big eyes render her a beauty that you can’t find easily. Her pleasing smile acts as a cherry on the cake to her appealing beauty.

Early life and education

To be honest, nothing is available about the childhood details of Geraldine Khawly because she herself has not taken the curtains off these details. If you talk about the educational background of Geraldine Khawly, there is no information available about her early education but you can have little information about her graduation. She completed her graduation from the University of Miami.

Career and Future Plans

Geraldine Khawly holds a thriving professional career as a jewelry designer and businesswoman. She has achieved a massive level of success in her career and probably has no mood to change her profession in the near future. As for her future plans, Geraldine Khawly has not really spilled any beans about her future plans but we hope she will be thinking of expanding her business.

Hobbies and favorite things

Apparently, nothing is known about the hobbies and favorite things of Geraldine Khawly but we believe that Geraldine Khawly might have a hobby to experiment with different jewelry because she would not have been able to achieve success in this profession without crazy passion for jewelry.

Net worth

No doubt Geraldine Khawly is a successful businesswoman but she hasn’t revealed any details related to her earnings and net worth. Nevertheless, we are pretty sure that Geraldine Khawly has earned enough money to enjoy a luxurious life.


The married life of Geraldine Khawly was not successful but she did not let it affect her professional career. She put her all strength into her business and is today living a life of dreams.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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