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How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Maximize Your Compensation?

How-Can-a-Truck-Accident-Lawyer-Maximize-Your-Compensation How-Can-a-Truck-Accident-Lawyer-Maximize-Your-Compensation

While no vehicle accident is ever a pleasant event, a truck accident can be next level because of the size and weight of the conveyance involved. Given the increased likelihood, therefore, of devastating or catastrophic injuries in a crash of that kind, it’s in your best interests to retain a New York Truck Accident Lawyer to maximize your potential compensation.

An experienced personal injury lawyer with expertise in truck accident cases can seek to expand the scope of money damages on behalf of those injured in these types of encounters and with good reason.

Healthcare Needs Can Be Extremely Expensive

For one thing, post-truck-accident medical care can be far-reaching and enormously costly, so you’ll want to be sure that any settlement is just and fair, and then some.

With that mind, a truck accident lawyer provides an array of essential legal services that perhaps only a specialist in that area can provide.

Each motor vehicle accident obviously requires an investigation followed by careful calculation of the total compensation to which you are entitled based on all the facts and evidence.

A Thorough Investigation Is Required

To firmly establish liability under the law above and beyond what is typically necessary in a more routine crash, however, a truck accident generally requires, among other things, the following:

  • Knowledge and application of federal and New York transportation safety regulations
  • An examination of data such as traffic cam video
  • A review of truck logs and maintenance records for legal compliance
  • Engaging the participation of, e.g., accident reconstruction experts and others who can provide expert evidence about the accident and the accident scene

Managing a comprehensive analysis of this nature, again, is a job for an attorney with significant expertise in this complex practice area.

A Multi-Party Inquiry Might Be Necessary

A meticulous inquiry is also particularly important because additional parties beyond the driver could be held liable to pay out compensation to the victim.

The driver’s employer (if any), equipment manufacturers, maintenance facilities, shipping companies, other drivers, and any other entity that was negligent or was possibly engaged in deliberate wrongdoing may have played a role in the accident.

With numerous parties and their respective insurance companies potentially involved and probably all trying to get off the hook, a truck accident lawyer has the high-level and energetic negotiation skills to provide you with the best opportunity to access maximum compensation.

A Court Trial Could Also Be Result in a Compensation Award

If an insurer or insurers, or any self-insured party, are unwilling to come to the table with a reasonable settlement offer within the New York statute of limitations, the way forward for maximum compensation is likely through the courthouse.

A seasoned truck accident attorney also has the right stuff when it comes to litigation and the ability to obtain a successful verdict or judgment that potentially awards maximum compensation to the accident victim.

If you are a driver, passenger, pedestrian, bicyclist, or even another commercial vehicle operator hit by a truck, contact Gregory Spektor & Associates, P.C., for a free consultation about your legal options.

Through personalized, compassionate representation, we aim to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of those clients we serve.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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