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How to See Someone’s Location on Facebook: 4 Top Tips

How-to-See-Someone’s-Location-on-Facebook How-to-See-Someone’s-Location-on-Facebook

For years, Facebook has helped users across the globe to market their brands, promote their content and interact with friends. You can even track another person’s real-time location using this popular social media platform. However, turning on Facebook’s location services is vital to achieve success in this endeavor. Read on to learn how to find someone’s location on Facebook.

How to Check Someone’s Location on Facebook

If you’d like to view your friend’s live location via Facebook, there are several tactics you can employ. Let’s discuss a few effective methods that can help you track your loved one’s whereabouts on this app.

Tip 1. Try Phonsee for Monitoring Your Friend’s Location

You might be wondering: can you track someone on Facebook without them knowing? Well, the best way to achieve this is by using a dedicated monitoring app such as Phonsee.

Phonsee is a remarkable tracking app that’s designed to help users keep a watchful eye on their children, relatives or employees. Phonsee can spy on iphone and android devices.  It contains a wide assortment of useful features, such as social media monitoring, call log viewing, SMS tracking and app blocking and .

Impressively, Phonsee allows you to track someone’s location and view their route history. This app is equipped with a built-in GPS tracker that provides accurate location details of the target device. Apart from revealing someone’s exact coordinates, it shows you their street address on a map.

Your Additional Possibilities

You can also use Phonsee’s geofencing tool to set “safe” and “insecure” zones on the map. Whenever the person you’re monitoring exits the safe zone or ventures into dangerous neighborhoods, you’re promptly notified by email.

If you’re worried that your child/partner is chatting with strangers online, Phonsee allows you to monitor their Facebook Messenger account and read their secret messages. You can conveniently go through their chats and view the recipients’ personal details. In addition, all photos and videos they’ve shared will be accessible from the Control Panel.

Users can also track FB group chats and call logs from their own devices. The beauty about using Phonsee is its discretion and ease of use. This app works in hidden mode, ensuring that your monitoring activities are kept under wraps.

Tip 2. Use Live Location Sharing on Facebook

Facebook permits users to share their live location with their friends using a few simple steps. Here’s how to check someone’s location on Facebook via live location sharing:

  • Launch Facebook Messenger on your smartphone.
  • Open a chat with the individual you’d like to share locations with.
  • Click on the dots located on the screen’s bottom left corner and tap Location.
  • Next, select the option to Share Live Location.
  • The recipient will automatically receive your device’s live coordinates and view your live location on a map.
  • Your loved ones can also share their current location using this procedure.

Unfortunately, this method isn’t discreet since your friends must be willing to share location on FB Messenger for you to start tracking them. In addition, the location details you obtain are not always accurate.

Tip 3. Monitor Their Hashtags

Hashtags are often used to indicate someone’s location whenever they post on Facebook. Users simply need to activate the option labeled “add a location to post.” When this selection is enabled, Facebook will use your device’s built-in GPS and internet connection to determine the exact location from which you posted.

Here’s how to see a friend’s location on Facebook by checking their hashtags:

  • Launch your FB app or visit on your preferred PC browser.
  • Log into your particular account.
  • Search the target user’s Facebook profile using the available search bar.
  • View all their posts that contain a hashtag with location.

Sadly, this isn’t such a reliable technique since anyone can include a phony location address to fool his/her followers. In addition, the individual could set his account to private, preventing you from seeing all his location hashtags.

Tip 4. Use Facebook Nearby Friends Feature

Learning how to track someone on Facebook without being friends isn’t such a tedious task if you utilize the right tools. One unique way to find another person’s location on this app is by using Nearby Friends.

Once this feature is activated, you’ll need to turn on “Location History” before proceeding. Let’s now delve into how you can locate your loved ones with Facebook’s Nearby Friends feature.

For Android:

  • Get physical access to the target device and switch on “Location Services & Background Location.”
  • Click the three parallel lines icon located at the top right section.
  • Tap the Nearby Friends option to view a complete list of all friends who have this feature turned on as well.

For iOS Devices:

  • Go to “Settings” and activate Location Services. Make sure the location is set to “Always.”
  • Click the three horizontal lines that are situated at the screen’s bottom right section.
  • Tap Nearby Friends > See More.
  • Click on the Gear icon and toggle the available switch to the “ON” position.

This feature has several limitations that include:

  1. a) You can’t use it to track strangers ─ you need to be friends on Facebook.
  2. b) The location details obtained using this method are not accurate, only approximations.
  3. c) It’s only available for mobile devices. You cannot use it on PC or MacBook computers.


After exhaustively trying out these solutions, we’ve chosen Phonsee as our top pick for tracking another person’s location via Facebook. Once installed, this app mirrors your loved one’s device and lets you know whether your child is viewing inappropriate content online or conversing with potential scammers. It’s the go-to monitoring solution for parents and employers today.

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