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James Goldstein Net Worth, Career and Personal life

James-Goldstein-Net-Worth,-Endorsements James-Goldstein-Net-Worth,-Endorsements

Popularly known as the NBA Superfan, James Goldstein is an American businessman but he is primarily known for his undying love for basketball. The life story of James Goldstein will definitely intrigue you. However, today we are not here to discuss that but the net worth and earnings of James Goldstein.

So, get into the article if you are interested in finding the total net worth of James Goldstein, his different earning sources, expenditure on charity, and other such details.

Net worth of James Goldstein

James Goldstein is said to have an estimated net worth of around $200 million right now which he has made through different endeavors in his life. How James Goldstein usually makes money in his life is not confirmed. However, according to the reports, he is a real estate developer.

Main source of earning

James Goldstein himself has not disclosed anything about his earning sources. He has not made it clear how he earns money in his life. If you believe the information available on the Internet James Goldstein is said to be a real estate developer and has earned the majority of his money through this profession only.James-Goldstein-Net-Worth,-Endorsements-and-Personal-life

Additional earning streams

James Goldstein does not have any additional earning streams as such. He is known to be a businessman and probably his income comes from his different businesses only. Since he has never openly talked about his profession, we can’t say anything with full surety.

Asset and fortune

Not only his professional details but James Goldstein has also not spilled beans about his personal assets. Given the fact, If you are expecting to get something about the cars, houses, and real estate properties of James Goldstein, you will get nothing. However, considering the luxurious lifestyle of James Goldstein, it seems like he has a huge personal asset.


No doubt James Goldstein is a celebrity and has earned a colossal amount of net worth as well but we don’t think he has made money through brand sponsorship in his life because he is not such a big celebrity that brands would approach him.

James Goldstein’s expenditure on charity

We are not sure whether or not James Goldstein is active in charitable activities because he is never seen doing any such activity. Plus, no confirmed information is available about the same either. Not just that, but James Goldstein doesn’t raise his voice about public issues too.

Personal life of James Goldstein

James Goldstein was born on 5th January 1940 to  Nanette Gamse Goldstein and Ellis Goldstein. if you are interested in finding out more information about the personal life of James, let us tell you nothing is available about the married life of James Goldstein. It is not even confirmed whether James Goldstein got married in his life or not.


James Goldstein is popular as a super fan of the NBA but his earning sources are a mystery to the public. Whatever his earning stream is, one thing is sure James Goldstein has earned a huge amount of money in his life.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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