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Jesse James Net Worth, Family, Career and Personal Life

Jesse-James Jesse-James

Jesse James is a 55-year-old American entrepreneur best known for being the founder of West Coast Choppers, a brand of screen-printed T-shirts. Jesse James has been in the business world since the beginning of his professional career and today he has managed to accomplish a giant amount of net worth.

If you wonder how much it is, you need to get into this article where we will talk about the net worth of Jesse James, his expenditures, main earning sources, charity work, and other details.

Net worth of Jesse James

You shouldn’t be surprised to find out that Jesse James has an estimated net worth of around $60 million at the moment. All thanks to his hard work and dedication towards his work that has helped him earn money in his life and accumulate this much net worth.

Main source of earning

Primarily, Jesse James is an entrepreneur and it is his main source of earning. He is definitely active in some other professions as well but the major chunk of his net worth comes from only his entrepreneurial career.

Additional earning sources


You already know that Jesse James is a successful entrepreneur and has earned a huge amount of money through this profession. However, apart from that, he is active in other professions as well. For example, he is a TV personality, actor as well as an author. Owing to this fact, we don’t wonder anymore how Jesse James has managed to have such a great net worth.

Assets and fortune

The personal assets and fortunes of Jesse James in the form of cars, houses, and real estate properties. First, let us tell you about the car collection of Jesse James. He owns almost 20 cars including Jaguar XK-R Blacked Out, 1936 Ford 5 Window Custom Coupe, 1951 Mercury Coupe, 1930 Ford Model A Coupe, Ferrari California Coupe, and many others.

Moving on to the real estate properties and houses owned by Jesse James, nothing much information is available about it.


No doubt Jesse James is a big and successful personality but he is probably not much interested in collaborating with brands and advocating for them. We’re saying this because not even a single piece of information is available about the brand sponsorships done by Jesse James.

Jesse James’s expenditure on charity

Here again, Jesse James has preferred to keep his mouth shut regarding his charity work and involvement in social issues. Maybe he is not willing to share these details with the public.

Personal life of Jesse James

Jesse James was born on 19 April 1969 in the USA to Larry James and Carol James. As for the personal life of Jesse James, it hasn’t been very smooth for him. He got married 4 times in his life and all the marriages ended with a divorce. Right now, he is dating American former adult actress and dancer Bonnie Rotten. Out of all his relationships, Jesse James has three kids.


You will hardly find a person who is not active in the entertainment industry and is very much popular among people and Jesse James is one such person.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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