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Kaja Sundsten Profession, Life & Dismissal, & Much More

Kaja-Sundsten-Profession,-Life-&-Dismissal,-&-Much-More Kaja-Sundsten-Profession,-Life-&-Dismissal,-&-Much-More

Kaja Sundsten was born on 7 January 1930 in Douglas Park, CA, USA. She died at the age of 88 on 26 March 2018. Kaja was a ballet dancer and known to be the wife of Burgess Meredith, which raised her to name and fame.

In this article, we have highlighted everything we could gather about this lady’s personal life, her death details, and her family.

Kaja’s Profession

By profession, Kaja was a ballet dancer but later got more famous for being the wife of Burgress. We don’t know where she used to dance, but she still lived a very low profile life during her professional life.

Her Love Life

Kaja was one of the finest-looking, young, and beautiful women who was nothing near to nudity. She was married to Burgess Meredith throughout her married life from 1951 to 1997. Her husband was an American actor and filmmaker and much older than Kaja.Kaja-Sundsten-Profession,-Life

Kaja and Burgress’ love life was one of the most interesting at that time. People living around them were a fan of their love life and used to envy them because they potentially personified what we call here “true love”. None of them married again twice in their lives, which again proves that they were living a happy married life overall.

More In Her Family

Kaja was a proud mom of two, both made with Burgress:

  • Tala Meredith: she became an artist
  • Jonathon Meredith: he grew up to become a musician


Her son Jonathan Meredith got famous for being a cast member of Oddball Hall, which was released in the year 1990.


Some of the notable works that made Tala famous included the Rocky franchise, Of Mice and Men, and The Twilight Zone.

Kaja’s Death

We don’t know how Kaja died. But we do know how her husband died. Burgress was a patient of Alzheimer and died of it in the year 1997. This was the year when Kaja became his widow and never married again.

Where Is She Buried?

Kaja’s children never disclosed her cause of death. In addition to that, they burried her secretly just like her low life and never disclosed where she rests now. Her burial detail still remains unknown. This is shocking because she was married to an actor, her kids were in the show business, and she was the lady left out.

Why Is She A Popular Person?

Kaja was never reall a popular person. The fact that she married Burgress made her famous and before that she was completely low life. She was treated like a low life even after her marriage, which is why her kids never publicised about her death and burial details.


What we can conclude is that Kaja lived a low life throughout and was a ballet dancer. When she met Burgress, they married and made 2 kids. Both her kids were into the arts stream and made some name in the show business. Perhaps that was the influence of their actor dad who got them into this stream.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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