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Mathew Lawrence’s Net Worth: How Much Wealth Has Mathew Lawrence Amassed Over Time?

Mathew-Lawrence Mathew-Lawrence

The 90s sitcom superstar, Matthew Lawrence, has undoubtedly made a successful career in Hollywood. Mathew Lawrence is an actor, singer, and podcaster from the United States. He’s been active in the industry since 1984 till present, and famously known for his characters in “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Boy Meets World.” However, fans are also curious about something more than his entertainment value, which is his net worth. Let’s check out Matthew Lawrence’s net worth and how he’s amassed his wealth.

Education, Early Life, and Getting in the Spotlight

Mathew Lawrence was born in Abington Township, Pennsylvania in 1980. His father is Joseph Lawrence Mignogna Jr., and his mother is Donna Lynn (née Shaw), a personnel manager and former elementary school teacher. From child star to an established actor, Matthew Lawrence seemed almost destined for the entertainment industry. His elder brother, Joey Lawrence, was already a child star, and Matthew followed suit. He landed his first role in a Sarah Jessica Parker film by age four. It seems education was probably secondary to Matthew’s successful career throughout his childhood and teen years.

Mathew Lawrence’s Net Worth

Estimates put Matthew Lawrence’s net worth around USD 3 million.Mathew-Lawrence's-Net-Worth

A Breakdown of Matthew Lawrence’s Net Worth

Now, let’s look at what has made him rich. Below are factors that have contributed to Mathew Lawrence’s net worth.

Consistent Acting Career

Lawrence’s career may not have reached the heights of his brother’s but it has been steady. From “Boy Meets World” and “Mrs. Doubtfire” to voice work in “Disney’s Kim Possible,” he’s always been a fixture in the entertainment business. Also, Lawrence collaborated with his real-life brothers Joey and Andrew in the series “Brotherly Love.” Individual salaries for those roles may not be public, but the volume of work over decades must surely add up to a big sum.

Residual Income

Tv shows like “Boy Meets World” remain popular through syndication and streaming services. The residual income from such shows have provided Lawrence with a steady stream of income even for projects completed years ago.

Voice Acting and Animation

Some actors are making a living doing voice acting and Lawrence has tapped into that trend. Work on “Kim Possible” and other animated projects probably added to his net worth.

Lifestyle Choices

There’s no word publicly about Matthew Lawrence’s spending habits, but he apparently has avoided the opulent lifestyle celebrities lead. Such responsible financial management may have kept his net worth growing.

Future Earnings Potential

At 44, Matthew Lawrence still has many acting years to come. And he continues to land roles in films and television shows. So, his net worth should only increase.


Matthew Lawrence has amassed a net worth from a long and consistent acting career. Lawrence has built a good income, starting as a child star and working in television and voice acting. And with his continued work, his net worth should only grow in years to come.

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