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Patrice Failor’s Bio, Education And Net worth

Patrice-Failor’s-Bio,-Education-And-Net-worth Patrice-Failor’s-Bio,-Education-And-Net-worth

The person here we are going to talk about is a celebrity spouse who is popular because of her husband, James B. Comey, a celebrated American lawyer and former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Patrice Failor is sometimes spotted with her husband and this is when she grabs the attention of the media. If you are interested in learning the life details of Patrice Failor, get into this article.

Bio of Patrice Failor

We would have been able to get some information about the biography of Patrice Failor if she herself was a celebrity. Since she is a celebrity spouse, nothing such as her age and the names of her parents are known to the public. Moving on to the married life of Patrice Failor that is the reason for her popularity, the gorgeous lady has been married to former FBI director James B. Comey since 1987, and has five kids together.

Wiki of Patrice Failor

Apart from the American nationality of Patrice Failor, you are unlikely to find anything significant about her basic life details. Like, her ethnicity, religious views, social presence, political interest, hobbies, and other such details of Patrice Failor are still unknown to the public.

Parents and siblings

You won’t get anything about the parents as well as siblings of Patrice Failor because she has kept her family details completely under wraps. Despite being popular, Patrice Failor never ever discussed these details.

Physical appearance

Patrice Failor is a beautiful and fashionable lady with an attractive personality. She would be around 60 years old right now but she has maintained herself so well that she looks around 40 years old. Her brown shoulder-length hair accompanied by stylish specs renders her a younger look.

Early life and education

Patrice Failor hasn’t revealed any information about her childhood as well as educational background. Since we have no idea about the financial condition of her parents, we can’t make any assumptions regarding the same either.

Career and Future Plans

Whether or not Patrice Failor is a working lady is not confirmed because not even a single piece of information is available about it. Not just Patrice Failor but her professionally successful husband has also never talked about the profession of his wife.

Hobbies and favorite things

If you expect to get something confirmed about the hobbies of Patrice Failor, you are going to be disappointed because here again Patrice Failor has preferred to keep the details under curtains.

Net worth

The exact net worth of Patrice Failor is not known to the public because she hasn’t even dropped the details about her profession. So, how can one estimate her total earnings and net worth? As for the net worth of her husband James B. Comey, he is summed up to have around $14 million.


We must say Patrice Failor is a lady who knows very well how to nurture her family. Today, she has been enjoying a happy married life only because of her efforts and has taken care of her 5 kids very well too.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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