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Paula Abdul Net Worth Biography and life history

Paula-Abdul-Net-Worth Paula-Abdul-Net-Worth

Paula Abdul is a renowned singer and dancer from America who is 61 years old right now but is enough professionally active to earn big money in her life and hold a giant net worth at the moment. We are referring to the net worth of Paula Abdul here because today we are going to talk about that only.

So, if you are also interested in unfolding all the details about the earnings total net worth of Paula Abdul, her personal assets, fortune, different sources of earnings, expenditures, and other such details, read this article.

Net worth of Paula Abdul

Considering the way Paula Abdul is professionally active at this age and has been trying her hands in different professions, we are not at all surprised that today she is estimated to have an impressive net worth of around $20 million.

Main source of income 

Paula Abdul is active in different professions in the showbiz industry but she is mainly a dancer and choreographer. Given the fact, the majority of her income comes from her choreography career only.

Different sources of income

You might find it surprising to know that Paula Abdul is active in as many as 8 professions and she has managed to achieve some success in each of them as well. In her career so far, she has been active as an actor, dancer, voice actor, music video director, television producer, choreographer, TV personality, and singer-songwriter. Owing to this fact, you can understand why it is not at all a big deal for Paula Abdul to have such a massive net worth.


The beautiful lady is the first choice of many brands including Reebok and Diet Coke when it comes to endorsements. Apart from that, she is also a brand ambassador for a skin-tightening company.

Asset and fortune

Paula Abdul has preferred not to reveal any information about her personal assets and fortune. How many cars, houses, and real estate properties she owns is a complete secret to the public. According to some reports, she sold her luxurious house worth $1.884 million in 2012.

Paula Abdul’s expenditure on charity

Paula Abdul is a very kind lady and is greatly active in charity work and social causes. In fact, she was awarded the humanitarian of the year in 2023 at the Hollywood Christmas parade. She supports a long list of charities and also never shies away from advocating social issues.

Personal life of Paula Abdul 

Paula Abdul was born on 19 June 1962 in San Fernando, California, United States in a Jewish family to Harry Abdul and Lorraine. Her mother was a concert pianist by profession while nothing much is available about the father of Paula Abdul. If you talk about the personal life of Paula Abdul, she got married two times in her life and both marriages lasted only for a couple of years.


Paula Abdul is a self-made lady who has worked really hard in her life to achieve whatever she has today. Her presence in multiple professions is the reason for her whopping net worth.


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