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Peri Momm’s Bio, Family and Net worth

Peri-Momm’s-Bio,-Family-and-Net-worth Peri-Momm’s-Bio,-Family-and-Net-worth

Peri Momm is a celebrity ex-spouse who rose to popularity after getting married to Swedish actor and Filmmaker Dolph Lundgren. The couple had a very secretive marriage that lasted for only one year. Still, it gave Peri Momm a certain level of popularity. This is the reason Peri Momm is a known personality today despite maintaining an extremely private life. Today, we are here to discuss the life details of Peri Momm.

Bio of Peri Momm

As we have already told you, Peri Momm lives an extremely private life, nothing is available about her parents. If you talk about her personal life, the only available information about that is her marriage with Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren. They got married in 1991 but things didn’t go well between them and they separated the next year itself. After that, Peri Momm probably did not marry because no such information was available.

Wiki of Peri Momm

You are unlikely to get even a bit of information about the basic life of Peri Momm. From her nationality to ethnicity and religious beliefs to hobbies, everything is secret about Peri Momm because she herself wants these details not to come out in public.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that the family details of Peri Momm are completely secret to the public. This is the reason you are unlikely to find anything about the personal as well as professional lives of her parents and siblings.

Physical appearance

After her divorce from the sweetest actor, Peri Momm has kept herself completely away from the spotlight of the media. This is the reason it is hard to sum up the physical appearance of Peri Momm.

Early life and education

Like many other details, don’t expect to get anything about the childhood and educational background of Peri Momm either. Not just Peri Momm but her ex-husband also never talked about these details.

Career and Future Plans

The reclusive nature of Peri Momm hasn’t allowed her to disclose any details about her professional career either. However, we believe that Peri Momm might have been professionally well established because she got married to such a big star.

Hobbies and favorite things

Don’t expect to get any significant details about the hobbies and personal choices of Peri Momm because she hasn’t made these details public as well. Even when she was married to the actor, she never revealed any information about her personal life.

Net worth

Needless to mention, finding any details about the net worth of Peri Momm is not possible because she hasn’t disclosed these details as well like many of her other life details. Since Peri Momm does not publicize her lifestyle, we can’t make any assumption about her net worth and earnings either.


The married life of Peri Momm with Dolph Lundgren was not successful but she hasn’t made it a public issue. She dealt with things calmly and kept her life details to herself only. We must say she is a strong woman.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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