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Sally Field Net Worth, Family And Career

Sally-Field-Net-Worth,-Family-And-Career Sally-Field-Net-Worth,-Family-And-Career

Sally Field is an acclaimed American actress, who is right now at the age when people retire from their career and start taking rest but Sally Field is not like those people. Even at the age of 77, she is very much active in her professional career and making her net worth only rise. Today, we are here not to discuss the life details of Sally Field but about her net worth.

So, if you are interested in unfolding these details, read this article further.

Net worth of Sally Field

The beautiful actress has worked really hard in her life and accumulated a whopping net worth of around $50 million. It is not one or two years of hard work that enabled Sally Field to have such a huge net worth but it took her almost 60 years to amass this much net worth. She set her feet in the film industry in 1962 and has been active since then.

Main source of earningSally-Field-Net-Worth

No doubt Sally Field is a versatile lady and is active in different professions but her main source of earning is her acting career only. Only after achieving success in acting,  Sally Field diversified her skills and tried her hands at other professions.

Additional earning streams

Other than being an actress, Sally Field is also a singer, director, producer, and screenwriter. Although she is not as successful in these professions as she is in acting, she has definitely achieved a great level of success in each of them and managed to make money out of them as well.

Asset and fortune

Sally Field has never frankly talked about her personal assets and fortunes. This is why not much information is available about it. From her houses to cars and real estate properties to other such assets, everything is a secret to the public.


Throughout her career, Sally Field has sponsored many big brands in different fields. However, the lady is known for sponsoring Doubtfire, and Forrest Gump. In addition to that, she is also a spokesmodel for Boniva.

Sally Fields’ expenditure on charity

Not just one or two but Sally Field supports many charitable organizations and raises her voice for social change. She is so much active in philanthropy work that she has been even awarded the SAG Life Achievement Award. From women to children’s rights and different types of diseases like cancer and AIDS, Sally Field advocates for different social issues.

Personal life of Sally Field

Sally Field was born on 6 November 1946 in the USA to Margaret Field and Richard Dryden Field. The mother of Sally Field was also an actress while nothing much is available about her father. Coming to the married life of Sally Field, her first marriage was with Steven Craig, which lasted from 1968 to 1975.

Then, she married Alan Greisman and this marriage also lasted only for a few years from 1984 to 1994. From both marriages, she has three kids.


Having a net worth of $50 million at the age of 77 is not a joke because many people retire by this age and their net worth doesn’t remain this much giant.

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