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Terence Crawford Net Worth Biography and life history

Terence-Crawford-Net-Worth Terence-Crawford-Net-Worth

Terence Crawford is a celebrated 36-year-old American professional boxer, who has bagged a giant level of professional success in his career including multiple world championships. Considering the professional success of this phenomenal player, it does not come as a surprise that he has earned a massive net worth in his life as well. Today, let us talk about that in detail.

Here, we will discuss what exactly the net worth of Terence Crawford is, what are his earning sources, where he spends his money, and many other such personal details about him.

Net worth of Terence Crawford

Terence Crawford is 36 years old right now and his professional career is still booming. Given this fact, we are not at all surprised that today he is the proud owner of around $18 million. He has built this empire of huge money through his hard work and own efforts.

Main source of earnings

As you already know, Terence Crawford is known to be a professional boxer, so it is pretty obvious that his main source of earning is his boxing career. The gaming legend started his professional career when he was a young teenager. This is the reason he could manage to amass such a huge amount of net worth at the young age of only 36.

Additional income streams 

Terence Crawford is not one of those people who try their hands in different professions and earn money from multiple sources. Terence Crawford has been solely dedicated to boxing since his early days and is active in the same even today. Given the fact, he does not have any such additional professions and income streams. His net worth entirely stems from his boxing career.


Terence Crawford is a successful and well-known celebrity and he got the opportunity to sponsor many brands including sports equipment company Everlast, Billionaire Boys Club fashion brand, sports drink Prime Hydration, and athletic apparel company BoxRaw. Given this fact, Terence Crawford has made good money through endorsements and sponsorships.

Asset and  fortune

The rich boxer is fond of luxury cars and has a great collection of the same. He is said to own an opulent Mercedes-AMG G63 worth $145,000 among his other car collections including GMC Sierra, Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, and Hummer H2. Terence Crawford seems to have a special love for cars because he always uploads his eye-catching pics with lavish cars.

Terence Crawford’s expenditure on charity 

Terence Crawford is not just limited to his sport and personal luxury but he spends a good amount of money on charity and social work too. He supports the LifeDriven Foundation, a foundation for teenagers who are diagnosed with cancer.

Personal life of Terence Crawford

Born in 1987 to Debra Crawford and Terry Crawford, Terence Crawford is probably yet to get married. However, he is said to have two kids named Terence Crawford III and Talaya Crawford with his secret love partner.


Being professionally active in the boxing arena at the age of 36 is not a small thing. We must say Terence Crawford has taken care of his fitness very well and this is the reason he could manage to earn a giant net worth at this age.


Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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