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Tiffany Pollard Net Worth, Family and Career

Tiffany-Pollard-Net-Worth,-Family-and-Career Tiffany-Pollard-Net-Worth,-Family-and-Career

 Popular for her participation in the first two seasons of VH1’s Flavor of Love, Tiffany Pollard is a 42-year-old American TV personality, who is at the peak of her career right now and enjoying good stardom and professional success. Her professional success has enabled her to enjoy a rich life as well. If you are curious to find out how much Tiffany Pollard has earned so far, read this article where we are going to discuss everything in detail.

In this article, you will find information about the total net worth of Tiffany Pollard, her different earning sources, expenditure on charity, main earning stream, and other such details.

Net worth of Tiffany Pollard

Let us tell you without beating around the bush that Tiffany Pollard has an estimated net worth of around $500 thousand right now. This is her hard work of almost two decades because she has been active in the entertainment industry since 2005. Although Tiffany Pollard is yet to have a net worth in the millions, whatever she has, has been through her own efforts without the help of any Godfather.

Main source of earning

We have already told you that Tiffany Pollard is a TV personality and this is also her main source of earning. She is not active in many professions like other celebrities, so we can expect a major chunk of her net worth to come from her acting career only.

Additional earning streams

Tiffany Pollard is not active in any other profession apart from acting as such. Given this fact, we don’t think she is earning money from different sources. Endorsements might have been an additional source of earning for her but nothing else than that.Tiffany-Pollard-Net-Worth

Asset and fortune

Finding anything confirmed about the personal fortune of Tiffany Pollard is not possible because she herself has not made these details public. Owing to the net worth of Tiffany Pollard, it is pretty clear that she would be having various assets and fortunes but she hasn’t let these details come out in public.


Since Tiffany Pollard is never seen promoting any brands, we are not sure whether or not she has done brand sponsorships in her career. However, considering the professional success of Tiffany Pollard, it can be expected that she must have joined hands with big brands in her career.

Tiffany Pollard’s expenditure on charity

Although Tiffany Pollard is a celebrity and many of our life details are known to the public, she hasn’t let anything come out regarding her philanthropic work. This is why nothing confirmed can be said about it.

Personal life of Tiffany Pollard

Tiffany Pollard was born on 6 February 1982 in the USA to Alex Pollard and Michelle Rothschild-Patterson. If you talk about the love life of Tiffany Pollard, she has been engaged a couple of times but her engagements were called off due to some reasons.


Personal life of Tiffany Pollard hasn’t been as smooth as her professional life. How ever she hasn’t let it affect her other aspects of life and this is the reasons she could manage to thrive so well in her professional career.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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