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What Are Sewer Cleanouts and How Do Plumbers Use Them?

What-Are-Sewer-Cleanouts-and-How-Do-Plumbers-Use-Them What-Are-Sewer-Cleanouts-and-How-Do-Plumbers-Use-Them

Blocked drains caused by clogged sewer lines can inconvenience homeowners, making it hard to use sinks and toilets. Digging up your yard to locate such a blockage can be challenging, especially when dealing with gas pipes or electrical lines. Partnering with trusted plumbers enables you to continue receiving clean water in your home by fixing any faulty components leading to blockage. Here is more information about sewage and drain cleanouts:

What Are Sewer Cleanouts?

A sewer or a drain cleanout is an entry point used by plumbers to access your main drainage lines. Drain cleanouts prevent the need for manual excavation to access pipes during repairs. To clear clogs, a plumbing technician feeds a drain snake through the access point and into the affected drain line

The location of drain cleanouts in your home is determined by plumbers. They choose a spot with the best accessibility. In some basements, you’ll find them installed directly on the floor, while in other houses, they’ll be positioned along the foundation wall. When your home has a crawl space, sewer cleanouts are located within the floor joists for easy access.

What Are the Types of Sewer Cleanouts?

There are several cleanouts that professional plumbers can help you to install based on your needs. Some of the available options include wall, floor, and yard cleanouts. The type of sewer line to invest in will largely depend on the location of the clog, and working with a trusted plumber enables you to receive guidance based on the problem in the sewer line.

How Do Sewer Cleanouts Work? 

Sewer cleanouts have caps that prevent sewer gases from leaking into your home. Plumbing technicians utilize drain snakes and other equipment to remove clogs in drain lines. They may also use cameras to identify the point of obstruction in your drainage line. For tougher clogs caused by grease buildup, plumbers may need a high-pressure hydro-jetting machine to clear the pipes.

How Do Plumbers Clean Your System?

Combining equipment like cameras and lighting systems, plumbing specialists insert these types of equipment through the cleanout opening to inspect your sewer line’s interior. Both provide a clear opening for plumbers to carry out successful clog removal from your pipe network. Plumbers use sewer cleanouts in the following ways:


Plumbers diagnose sewer line problems based on their observations made through the cleanout.  Knowing the location of the clog allows drainage technicians to choose the right tools to fix the issue. Sewer cleanouts help in diagnosis by reducing the time taken to address any blockages in your drainage system. It also saves property owners from the time and costs of cleaning the system themselves.

Clog Removal

Overflowing drains are a major risk factor for home flooding. Clog removal involves eliminating obstructions within your sewer line that impede the flow of wastewater. Tree root infiltration or particle buildup are some of the causes of clogging in your drain line and will cause a slow draining system.

When your sewer line is clogged, you experience restricted wastewater flow, contributing to slow drainage in your sinks or showers. Contacting plumbing companies to clear your clogs can restore the functionality of your system. Eliminating clogs also reduces the chances of unsanitary conditions that are associated with wastewater backups.

Scheduled Maintenance

By implementing a planned maintenance routine, every property owner can improve the performance of their plumbing system. Preventing sewer line clogs involves taking proactive steps to address potential issues before they cause blockages. Conducting routine inspections of the drain line through access points helps to maintain the stability of your drainage system.

Plumbing companies offer guidance to property owners on maintaining the health of their sewer lines. In some cases, plumbers might advise property owners to adopt chemical treatments to break down organic buildup in sewer lines. These treatments can be administered through the cleanout access point and help maintain the functionality of the pipes.

Hire a Professional Plumber for Drain Cleaning

Knowing the location of sewer cleanouts allows you to communicate effectively with plumbers in case of an emergency. When seeking professional plumbing services, prioritize quality workmanship and access to emergency services. A reliable plumbing company provides professionalism when addressing sewer line problems, and they handle any plumbing issues quickly and efficiently.

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