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What Makes Royalton Hotel Jamaica the Ideal Wedding Destination?

What-Makes-Royalton-Hotel-Jamaica-the-Ideal-Wedding-Destination What-Makes-Royalton-Hotel-Jamaica-the-Ideal-Wedding-Destination

The charm of a destination wedding in Mexico increases even more when you have selected the right resort for your stay. Royalton Hotel Jamaica is one such report that is known for its spectacular beauty and luxurious facilities. If you have still not researched about Royalton, here are some amazing features that you must consider for your stay.

The Interiors

The sparkling pools and the interiors designed according to the Jamaican vibe will make your stay here a memorable one. The hotel mostly comprises lavish suites to offer you an experience of luxury during your stay here. Be ready to get enthralled by the Jamaican nightlife entertainment within the hotel.

Wedding Packages

The hotel offers different wedding packages for the couple that suit their budget. If you do not want the stress of arranging everything for the wedding on your own, it is best to get the wedding packages. The management will offer the features and facilities such as decoration, buffet, sound system, ceremony table, bouquet, room services for the couple,  and many others according to the package that you have selected.

Ceremony Venues

Even when you have booked a hotel, you will come across several venue options to choose from. Royalton offers venues such as facing the ocean, the middle of the ocean, the sky terrace, the main beach, and many more. Choose either a beach wedding or a wedding on the ocean. Even you can opt for an indoor wedding by organizing a reception party at the lobby bar or ballroom.

Pools and Beaches

Whether you wish to organize your ceremony by the pool or wish to get romantic photos by the beach, the hotel has every possible arrangement. With luxurious swimming pools, the hotel offers grand reception arrangements for your wedding. Similarly, whether you are taking vows, exchanging rings, or shooting great moments, the private beaches of the hotel offer the best options.

Food and Drinks

The hotel is home to several restaurants and pubs. While the pubs offer you some of the best international cocktails, the restaurants serve a combination of international and Jamaican local cuisines. Dive into a culinary adventure ride with the dishes offered by these restaurants in the hotel. Choose the one that suits your taste palette the most or you think will be convenient for the guests.

Entertainment Options

At Royalton, you will never get bored as the hotel offers a range of entertainment options for the guests staying here. If you are a water baby, go on for several water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking. You can also go for the themed parties to experience a Jamaican night at its best. For a relaxing session, the hotel offers spa and other therapies for the guests.

Whether you are here for a destination wedding or your vacation, the Royalton Hotel Jamaica is one of the best options to stop by. For your wedding, talk to a professional wedding planning expert to make the necessary arrangements for a cherishable ceremony for everyone on the guest list.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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