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What You Should Know About a Fireclay Sink

What-You-Should-Know-About-a-Fireclay-Sink What-You-Should-Know-About-a-Fireclay-Sink

 Fireclay Sinks

If you are planning on renovating your kitchen, you might be thinking about changing sinks and you might be thinking about a fireclay sink. A fireclay sink is getting extremely popular lately because they are especially stylish. They are fashionable and almost everyone wants to have one in their kitchen because it can match almost any décor.

A fireclay sink is very durable because it is made from a specialized clay that is glazed in extra hot temperatures. This produces a heavy-duty sink that will last you a long time. They are not just trendy right now; they will be in style for years to come – they won’t be outdated in just a few years. They are for any décor – not just cottages and farmhouses – they will look good in any home.

No matter the style of your home, you can find a fireclay sink to fit in your home. You can do an internet search to find fireclay sink options that would fit your décor exactly. You will be able to call dealers in your area that have the exact one that you want for your renovated kitchen.

This article will help you to learn more about this special kind of sink. It will give you some information that you might want about them. You can also do more research if you need even more information.

Choosing a Fireclay Sink

  1. Farmhouse Style – What is a farmhouse sink and why are they usually made of fireclay? A farmhouse sink has an apron-style front which is why they are sometimes called apron sinks. They are large and deep and are designed for heavy use. They attach to the counter on three sides and the front side is open – they can be overmounted or undermounted.

Although this is a fairly new trend, this type of sink is not new itself; it has been around for over two hundred years. They were especially popular in London where they were put in actual farmhouses. They were also popular in industrial settings where they were easier to use than typical ones of that period. Fireclay is resilient and practical and was considered the best choice for meticulous cleaning and other uses.

  1. How Are They Made? These are made meticulously with white clay found in certain areas of the world such as Italy, Israel, and certain areas in France: This is mixed with water and then poured into a mold, then dried in a room that has its humidity carefully controlled. After that, it is glazed by hand and fired in a kiln at 2100 degrees Fahrenheit which is the same temperature as volcanic magma, all while being carefully monitored. Because of the intense temperature, the glaze and the clay are fused to create a completely new material that is nonporous, dense, and strong and is heat and damage-resistant –most of which is available.
  1. Installation Options –Fireclay is most easily found in farmhouse style, but it is also popular in other styles such as top-mounted or under-mounted. The apron is the most popular because of the ease of use, because you don’t have a counter to lean over, and they hold more dishes. Fireclay can also be dropped in, but you must make sure that the countertop that you are using can handle the weight of it.
  1. Garbage Disposals –Garbage disposals can be used in fireclay sinks, but only if you have the right materials to install them such as drain inserts, faucets, and other accessories. You might need an extended flange that will fit deeper into the drain hole and should be paired with a strainer basket or stopper. Learn more about this here. Fireclay sinks also do not have holes to install faucets which means that you will need to use bridge faucets or country-style single-lever faucets.
  1. Space Needed –Since they come in a variety of sizes, these can be installed in a variety of spaces. If you have a base cabinet that is thirty-six inches, you will need to have an opening of thirty-three inches to accommodate the sink because it should be three inches less than the size of the base cabinet. This rule applies to most mounts and most materials so that you know that your sink will fit.
  1. Color Options –You are usually limited to two colors – white, and off-white, also known as parchment and biscuit. There are difficulties making it in other colors due to the composition of the fireclay. Some manufacturers can make them in other colors such as blue and black. These might be more expensive due to the extra work that must be done to get it to these colors.
  1. Are They Durable?They are expected to stand up to normal household use even in the highest-traffic kitchens. You do need to learn about the maintenance requirements of any sink that you choose so that it will last as long as you need it. You also need to remember that it requires reinforced cabinets and special installation to make it last as long as you need it to. You also need to keep in mind that if you drop dishes into it, they might break more easily.
  2. Does Fireclay Chip or Scratch Easily?One of the most common complaints about these types is that they can chip and scratch under heavy use. This is due to the finish wearing off, although if you get a high-quality sink, this shouldn’t happen. They can last longer than porcelain or stainless steel because of their finishes and durability. You need to avoid harsh cleansers or cleaning materials to prevent scratches and chips in your fireclay.
  3. How Do I Care for It?You need to be careful in how you clean it, as mentioned above because of the ability to scratch and chip. Light maintenance is needed to keep your sink looking nice and new. You will need to wipe it down daily or whenever it becomes dirty using a dry, soft cloth, use baking soda to remove more dirt or significant buildup, and apply a liquid wax once a month to maintain the finish.
  4. What is the Cost?This is difficult to answer because it depends on many things such as the size and quality of the sink. You could spend as little as a few hundred dollars to as much as a few thousand dollars depending on many factors. You can get a high-quality fireclay sink for a few hundred dollars if you do your research.


Fireclay sinks are a popular style that you can buy from almost any home decorator store. They can add style to your kitchen as you renovate it. They are also easy to care for and you will be glad that you got one for your kitchen.

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