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Antoinette Mia Pettis’s Age, Net Worth, Bio, and Career

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Antoinette Mia Pettis is a famed actress who has garnered publicity due to her career. Antoinette was born on November 4, 1985, in Texas, and her birth sign is Scorpio. Antoinette rose to fame after acting as Nicole in the comedy series Top Flight Security from 2013 to 2014.

Antoinette dedicated her time to her studies and earned her education at a school near her hometown. After graduating high school, she moved to the University of Texas, earning a bachelor’s degree. After graduating, Antoinette Mia started acting after relocating to Los Angeles.

Antoinette Mia’s Bio

Antoinette was born to Steven and Michelle Pettis in a family of three children. While her brother Steven has kept a low profile without announcing his career, Antoinette’s younger sister is also an actress.

Antoinette is a famed actress featured in several shows and films, making her famous. Moreover, Antoinette’s sister has brought the family much limelight after she acted as a child in the 2007 film The Game Plan, alongside Dywane Johnson as her father. Mia’s sister also dated Michael Porter Jr, a basketball star, bringing more limelight to her family.

Mia Pettis has led a quiet life despite being an actress, making it hard to tell if she is married or a mother. The actress has kept her details under wraps because she values her privacy.

Antoinette Mia’s Parents

Antoinette Mia’s parents are Steven and Michelle Pettis. Celebrity parents have played a significant role in their daughter’s career through their encouragement. Mia is proud of her supportive parents and wouldn’t be where she is without their support.

Antoinette’s parents value their privacy, so they have maintained a low profile despite their two daughters becoming celebrated actresses. It is unclear when Antoinette’s parents walked down the aisle, but they are proud parents to their three children.

Antoinette’s Career

Antoinette is an actress who has taken up roles in various films. The actress acted as Nicole in a comedy series, Top Flight Security, from 2013 to 2014, making her entry into the acting world. She had other roles in comedy series like The Wise Guys and Where the Bears Are.

Mia has also acted in various films, including The Scam (2012), Salt Water (2016), and The Allnighter.

Is Antoinette Mia Pettis Married?

Antoinette Mia Pettis is a private lady who prefers to keep her life off the media. She has never announced if she is married, but she was engaged to her fiancé Josh in 2022. It is unclear if Mia is already married or dating with Josh.

Who is Antoinette’s Sister?

Madison Pettis is an actress known as Antoinette’s younger sister. Madison is a talented actress who has been acting since she was young and has continued to make a name for herself despite her young age.

Madison acted as Dwyane Johnson’s daughter in the 2007 film The Game Plan. Madison is a talented actress who continues to use her talent in making fascinating films and movies.



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