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Jan Rousseaux – Biography, Childhood, Career, and Marriage

Jan-Rousseaux Jan-Rousseaux

Jan Rousseaux is a designer, and she caught the spotlight after she became John Ramsey’s wife. Her husband was in the limelight, especially after the murder of his daughter. Together with his ex-wife, Jan’s husband faced a rough time, from having their daughter mysteriously murdered to being a murder suspects. When John Ramsey parted with his previous wife, he met Rousseaux and fell in love before marrying her.

Who is Jan Rousseaux?

Jan is popularly known as John Ramsey’s wife. Her husband is the father of JonBenet, the child who was murdered over 25 years ago. The incident went viral, and her parents were engaged in the investigation, and to date, the case has never been solved.

Jan Rousseaux traces her roots in East Africa. She was born in 1958 to missionaries who were in Ethiopia. Life in Ethiopia was not easy, and her missionary parents didn’t have all Jan required. It was during this difficulty that Jan ended up learning how to re-stitch clothes using a running machine.

By the time she was 11, Jan quickly mastered the skill and started making boxer shorts using pillowcase materials. She was making them for a deaf man. Regarding Jan’s education, she has joined different schools, but their names are not mentioned. However, one of the schools was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, after which she joined Baptist Bible College.

Sources have shared that Jan Rousseaux might have travelled to Germany to pursue her career and graduated from Missouri State University.

Jan Rousseaux’s Career

Her childhood experience of re-stitching clothes greatly helped shape Jan’s career. Based on what she mentioned, Jan started her career as a designer for Leather Gallery in Miamisburg, Ohio. The company focused on catering to the needs of the western and motorcycle industries.

The experience she gained helped her start her store in 1995. She named it House of Rousseaux, and it was located in Springfield, Missouri. In 1997, Jan proceeded to open her company in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company was named Jan Rousseaux LLC.

She worked for her company, and in the 2000s, she mainly designed for Silver State industries. In 2011, she was made the President of YellowKat Marketing, which dealt in uniform consultancy. Jan also sketched gift boots for another company.

In December 2015, Jan, who was married to Jan Ramsey, designed a storefront sign for Air, her husband’s company.

Jan Rousseaux Marriage

Jan Rousseaux met John Ramsey two years before their marriage in Denver when attending a friend’s wedding. The couple exchanged their vows on July 21, 2011. The wedding ceremony was held in Charlevoix, Michigan. It was in a Castle Farm, and only 70 guests attended.

Jan was married twice before meeting Ramsey, and she has grown-up kids. As for John Ramsey, his wife died of ovarian cancer five years before he married Jan. The couple lives a peaceful life and enjoys the best time while working on their businesses.


Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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