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Barry Williams Net Worth, Family, Career and Personal Life

Barry-Williams Barry-Williams

Barry Williams is a 69-year-old American actor whose original name is Barry William Blenkhorn but is popular by his stage name Barry Williams. The professional success of Barry Williams of decades helped him to have a jaw-dropping net worth. If you were curious to find out more about the earnings and net worth of Barry Williams, read this article.

Here, we will discuss total net worth, different earning sources, additional earning streams, expenditure, charity works, and other such details of Barry Williams.

Net worth of Barry Williams

Barry Williams is the proud owner of around $6 million right now. He has managed to earn such a huge amount of money because he has given many super hit films in his acting career spanning six decades. Although his age is 69 right now, we expect his net worth to rise in the future because he is profoundly active in the industry.


Main source of earning

It is pretty obvious that the primary source of earnings for Barry Williams is his acting career which was started in 1967. Today, after 57 years, Barry Williams has come a long way to achieve whatever he has in terms of professional success as well as net worth.

Additional earning sources

Barry Williams is not one of those people who are happy and satisfied with a single profession. Instead, he has tried his hands in different professions and managed to achieve success in each of them as well. Apart from being an actor, he is also a singer, voice actor, screenwriter, and film producer. Given the fact, If Barry Williams has earned even a little bit of money from each of the professions, it has definitely helped him to sum up a decent amount of net worth.

Asset and fortune

Barry Williams has preferred to keep his lips shut regarding his personal assets and fortune like cars, houses, and real estate properties. Given this fact, you are unlikely to find anything about the personal fortune of Barry Williams.

Barry Williams’s expenditure on charity

Whether or not Barry Williams spends his money on charity and humanitarian work is not confirmed. The reason is he himself has not dropped any details regarding the same. However, we believe that Barry Williams is a person who takes an interest in the matters of others because he always raises his voice on social matters.

Personal life of Barry Williams

Barry Williams was born on 30 September 1969 in the USA to his parents, Frank Millar Blenkhorn and Doris May Moore. Other than the names, nothing is available about the personal as well as professional lives of his parents. If you talk about his married life, Barry Williams got married three times in his lifetime and his last marriage was in 2017 with his third wife Tina Mahina. Out of three marriages, Barry Williams has two kids.


Though the personal life of Barry Williams has been full of ups and downs, his professional career has been a smooth ride. This is why he managed to accumulate such a staggering amount of net worth.

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