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Casey Neistat’s Net Worth and Career

Casey-Neistat Casey-Neistat

Casey Neistat is a celebrated American film director and producer who has built a reputation because of his career. Casey began hustling at the age of seventeen, and despite doing odd jobs during his late teens, he has grown up to be an established personality in the entertainment sector.

Casey dropped out of high school at the age of seventeen and he never went back. At the same time, he welcomed his son, Owen with his then-girlfriend Robin Harris. After Robin left him, he relocated to New York City where he began building his career in film production and acting. So how much has Casey made from his career? Find more in the following sections!

Casey Neistat Net Worth

As of 2024, Casey’s net worth is approximately $16 million. Casey has had various careers in the entertainment sector which have enabled him to build such a handsome net worth.

Casey began working on movies by 2001, a career that turned out to be crucial in his life. Besides his success as a film producer, director, and actor, he is a YouTube personality who has a huge following on the platform.

Over the years, he has released vlogs, establishing himself as one of the most successful YouTube personalities. Casey has over 12 million followers on YouTube and 3.3 million on Instagram.

In 2016, Casey signed a deal with CNN when it acquired his video app, Beme for $25 million.Casey-Neistat's-Net-Worth-and-Career

Filmmaking Career

Casey began working in filmmaking as early as 2001. He collaborated with his brother Van and artist Tom Sachs, making films and series on sculptures and installations. While he did not gain recognition immediately, he became recognized in 2003, after he released a film titled iPod’s Dirty Secret.

The film criticized Apple for not having a battery replacement for iPod portable media players. The three-minute video became an international sensation and was even aired on CNN. Around the same time, Apple announced a policy towards battery replacement and even increased iPod warranty on November 21.

YouTube Success

Besides finding success in filmmaking, Casey is a YouTube personality, best recognized for uploading a video teaching the public about the use of emergency brake cords on train cars in the New York City Subway.

Since then, he has continued to release various videos where he criticizes various things. After most of his videos found success and coverage, he began releasing daily vlogs on March 26, 2015.

After some time, he posed with daily vlogs and focused on creating short films. Among his famous videos includes snowboarding on New York City streets which garnered 6.5 million on YouTube within 24 hours.

While Casey has found success in filmmaking and YouTube, he is a famed star in television commercials. He is recognized for working with Nike. In this collaboration, he created a video written Make It Count.

The Beme app became a huge success for Casey when he signed a deal with CNN for $25 million in 2016. Beme was created as a video-sharing application, that could allow users to produce four-second unedited videos and share them with their users.  However, it seems the Beme project failed.

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