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Clay Travis’ Net Worth, Biography, and Career Success

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What comes into your mind when the name Clay Travis is mentioned? Clay Travis is popular for being a political commentator, sports journalist, radio host, and a writer. Besides, Clay Travis is a former lawyer and like we will discuss in this post, there is plenty to learn about his life. Our focus will be to understand how his career success has given him a net worth of $10 million. Let’s begin with understanding who Clay Travis is.

Biography of Clay Travis

Although many people known him as Clay Travis, his birth name is Richard Clay Travis. Clay was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 6, 1979. Details about his parents and siblings are scarce.

Clay attended Martin Luther King Magnet at Pearl High School and joined George Washington University to further his education. He then pursued his law degree at Vanderbilt University Law School.

Clay marred his fellow Law student, Lara, who is also a former Tennessee Titans cheerleader. The couple has kept their relationship private and has three sons.Clay-Travis’-Net-Worth,-Biography,-and-Career-Success

Clay Travis’ Net Worth

Clay has been in different professions in his life. He has been a lawyer, a sports journalist, radio and TV talk show host, etc. It’s from working for long and with different companies that he has managed to create his wealth that is adequate for him to provide for his family and live a good life.

You will find Clay on shows such as, “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show,” where he is a co-host. From his active career, Clay Travis already has a net worth of $10 million.

Clay Travis’ Career

Clay’s career started when he decided to pursue law. After graduating from law school, he started with working as a lawyer in Tennessee. Moreover, he also practiced law in Virgin Islands and even when he lived in the area, that’s when he began gaining media attention.

Travis then began writing online columns for CBS Sports and when he started getting the grip of it, he dropped his law practice to take on his new career. However, he ended up leaving CBS and found a new job working as a writer and editor for Deadspin, a sports blog. Later on, he became the columnist for the FanHouse sports blog.

Clay Travis Time at OutKick and Fox Sports

FanHouse was acquired by the Sporting News and Travis ended up founding OutKick, a sports news website coverage. Clay was then joined by ex-Fox Sports host Jason Whitlock in 2020 and this pushed the company, gaining more popularity.

However, Travis got into a dispute with the other owners of the site and they ended up selling it.

Travis also had a moment working under Fox Sports. His contracted started in 2014 and in 2015, he got into a deal to license his entire sports media brand under Fox Sports.

In 2016, Travis took the role of hosting a FOX Sports national radio program and in 2018, he started hosting a sports gambling show under Fox Sports. It’s through these engagements that his career and wealth has grown.

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