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Dolly Politan’s personal life, husband’s profession, children and net worth

Dolly-Politan’s-personal-life,-husband’s-profession,-children-and-net-worth Dolly-Politan’s-personal-life,-husband’s-profession,-children-and-net-worth

Personal life

Dolly Politan is the wife of an American Journalist Vinnie Politan. She is famous for being the wife of a popular TV personality. We do not have information about the early life of Dolly Politan. She became famous in public after marrying Vinnie Politan. There is no information about Dolly Politan’s personal life and profession. She is living a private life.

Dolly Politan’s husband and his profession

Dolly Politan married Vinnie Politan in 2002. He is a prosecutor and broadcast journalist. He was born on 4 February 1965. His father, Nikolas H.Politan, was a federal judge and prosecutor in Bergen County, New Jersey. Vinnie Politan completed his graduation from West Orange High School. He was the captain of the school basketball team and won many championships. He attended Seton Hall University and completed his law degree. After completing his education, he worked as a prosecutor at the Carella-Byrne law firm in New Jersey. He has reported many cases such as the murder trial of Scott Peterson, and Robert Blake, the sexual assault cases against Kobe Bryant, and the acquittal of Micheal Jackson. He left his job in the private sector and focused on journalism.Dolly-Politan’s-personal-life,-husband’s-profession,-children

Vinnie Politan worked as a reporter and anchor at the 10 News in New Jersey. He covers general news and legal stories and moderates political debates. He hosted many other TV programs, like Bergen County Justice with Vinnie Politan. After this, he worked as a reporter for Central Florida News 13 in Orlando. He worked as a correspondent for Time Warner in 2000. He became an anchor at 11 alive in 2014.  Vinnie Politan won an Emmy Award for hosting late night show, Late Feed.

Vinnie Politan is also an actor and appeared in many TV series Law & Order. In these shows, he plays the role of detective. He also appeared in the Broadway production of Twelve Angry Men. Vinnie Politan handled labor disputes, criminal cases, and malpractice cases against AIG. It was one of the largest assurance companies in the world.

Dolly Politan’s children

Dolly Politan and Vinnie Politon have three children. Christina Politan is the eldest daughter of Dolly Politan. Vincent Politan Jr. and  Max Politan are the sons of Dolly Politan and Vinnie Politon. There is no information about their children on the internet. They are living a private life and are not active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Dolly Politan has an Instagram account. She is living a happy life with her family.

The net worth of Dolly Politan

There is no information about Dolly Politan’s net worth. We do not have any information about her profession. Vinnie Politon also liked to live a private life and has given no information about his net worth on the Internet. Vinnie Politon and Dolly Politan can not live together and there is news that he divorced her after 21 years of marriage. She is living with her children.

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