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Don Cheadle’s Net Worth, Career and Salary

Don-Cheadle's-Net-Worth,-Career-and-Salary Don-Cheadle's-Net-Worth,-Career-and-Salary

Don Cheadle is a big name in the entertainment industry. The American personality has worked on numerous films, including the Avengers franchise, which have made him a star. Besides acting, Don is a film producer, film director and screenwriter.

The Kansas City native has continued to impact the entertainment industry positively. Due to his excellent acting skills, he has been nominated a couple of times for various awards.

Net Worth and Salary

Over the years, Don Cheadle has amassed a net worth of $40 million, thanks to his various ventures as an actor, producer, and screenwriter. He is best known for various films like “House of Lies” and “Black Monday”, which have earned him acclaim.

Don’s salary is not fixed. Depending on the projects, the actor takes home a varying income. But on average, the actor earns $150,000 per episode.

Early Life and Career

Don was born in 1964 in Kansas City to working class parents. His father was a clinical psychologist while his mother worked as a teacher.

Don grew up alongside two siblings. Due to his parents’ jobs, the family relocated frequently. As a result, he attended various schools including Hartley Elementary School and East High School in Denver.

Don’s future career was shaped by the activities he involved himself with at East High School. He was the saxophone player of the school jazz band, a choir member, and an actor in plays and musicals.Don-Cheadle's-Net-Worth,

After graduating, Don attended California Institute of the Rats, and majored in theater, graduating in 1986. While he was in college, he began starring in films. After appearing in Moving Violations, he earned a Screen Actors Guild Card, which enabled him to earn more roles.

By the 1990s, Don was becoming an established actor, thanks to his portrayal in various films like “The Meteor Man” and “Roadside Prophets”. He won his first Best Supporting Actor after he acted in “Devil in a Blue Dress (1995)”. Due to the huge recognition, he gained, he continued to receive more roles.

After successful roles in the early 2000s, the actor landed a deal with Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hence, he appeared in prominent roles, including as War Machine in “Iron Man 2”, and other Avengers films.

Moreover, away from films, Don has held successful television roles. In 2012 the star began performing in House of Lies, a comedy series. Due to his role, he earned a Golden Globe Award and numerous Emmy nominations.

Additionally, he has acted in “Black Monday”, a show that earned him nominations, and “The Wonder Years”, an ABC show.

Personal Life

Don Cheadle is a father of two children. He bore his two children with actress Brigid Cheadle, who is his wife. Despite the star’s celebrity status, he has managed to keep his family details under wraps.

Apart from his efforts in the entertainment sector, he is known for his climate change concerns. He has partnered with the UN to address climate change concerns. Moreover, in 2010 he was named a UN Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador.

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