Erika McCauley Profession, Artistic Life, Bio, Wiki, & More

Erica McCauley is no one other than the wife of Dane Cook’s brother Darryl McCauley. Let’s read further about Erika, her life, career, profession, love life, her husband Darryl, his life, Erika’s relationship with Dane, and much more.

Short Bio

Erika was born in December 1971 in the United States of America. There is no information about where she was born in the USA. She is currently 42 years old. She has not disclosed yet who her parents are. As she lives a life away from the limelight and keeps it secret and private not much is known about her in public.

Social Media Presence

As per our research and knowledge, it is believed that she is currently not available on any social media platforms. It is believed that as she lives her life away from the limelight and media she is not available on any social media platforms including Instagram and X.

Artistic Life

Erika is a makeup artist by profession. She has worked in the short video I Love You in 2004. Moreover, she has worked as a makeup artist in the movies or shows Diabolical Tales: Part I, A House Divided, and Diabolical Tales: Part III.

Why Is She So Famous?

Erika is famous among the netizens as well in the public. She is famous because she is a makeup artist working in the movie industry. Moreover, she became famous when her husband Darryl was charged with misappropriation of funds from his brother Dane Cook. Even Erika was charged for the misappropriation in the case. So, these are a few reasons why she is famous among the netizens as well as the public.


Erika is a relative of the American comedian and actor Dane Cook. She is a sister-in-law of Dane. Dane was born on 18 March 1972 in  Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. He is known for movies and TV shows like Buddy, Simon Sez, Crank Yankers, Mr. Brooks, Robot Chicken, 400 Days, Robot Chicken, and American Typecast. He recently appeared in the movie American Exit. He made allegations against Darryl and Erika about the misappropriation of his funds as a manager.

Charges on Erika and Darryl

Erika and Darryl were charged with misappropriation of funds of Dane while Darryl served as his manager. It was alleged that he embezzled the funds of almost $10 million. Later, they both were found guilty in the case and were ordered to pay $12 million to Dane and were imprisoned for 3 years and 13 years of probation. Darryl was ordered to be sent to prison for six years and serve 13 years of probation.

Erika’s Husband: Darryl

Erika’s husband Darryl was born in 1965 in Arlington, Massachusetts, USA. He is the son of Donna Jean Ford and George F. Cook. His parents separated a few years after his birth. He grew up with his half-siblings Dane and Courtney. He is known for the fraud which he has done with his half-brother while being his manager. He embezzled Dane’s money into his account. Later, he and his wife were found guilty of the fraud and were sent to jail and ordered to pay the damages to Dane.


Erika is the loving and supportive wife of Darryl. She was a makeup artist. Moreover, she was found guilty in the fraud case with her brother-in-law Dane.