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Flynn Timothy Stocklin Biography and life history

Flynn-Timothy-Stocklin Flynn-Timothy-Stocklin

If you are looking to know who Flynn Timothy Stocklin is, the quick answer is that he is a celebrity kid. His parents are famous characters, and his birth was shared on YouTube and garnered millions of views, making him famous at birth, and he has grown to have a huge fan base. Stick around as this post shares insights into who Flynn Timothy Stocklin is while discussing his family.

Biography of Flynn Timothy Stocklin

As a celebrity kid, it’s understandable why so many people want to know more about Flynn Timothy Stocklin. Here’s the thing: Flynn Timothy Stocklin is the son of Erik Stocklin and Colleen Ballinger. His father and mother are renowned YouTube couples, and his mother is widely known as “Miranda Sings.”

Flynn Stocklin was born on December 10, 2018. He is 5 years old as of 2024, and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Talking more about his parents, his father is widely famous for being an actor and a composer. As for his mother, she is an American comedian, singer, actress, writer, and YouTuber. Her fame in the entertainment industry has greatly facilitated her in making her first child a celebrity kid.

Flynn is not the only child in the family. His family welcomed twins in 2021. His twin siblings are Maisy Joanne and Wesley Koy. They are also Americans like Flynn. The twins are a boy and a girl and are currently under the care of their parents.

Details Surrounding Flynn’s Birth

Flynn’s mother was open on details about her first child’s birth. Flynn was born three weeks before the expected due date. Colleen shared a video on her YouTube channel relating to Flynn’s birth for her YouTube fans to follow along with her childbirth process. She uploaded the video two days later, and it garnered over 10 million views.

Soon after, she uploaded another video talking about how, together with her husband, they worked out the child naming process and what significance the name they gave their son had. Based on her explanation, her son’s full name is a reflection of the history of Colleen and her husband.

Notably, Flynn also appears on the YouTube channel, and his presence has helped get more subscribers and views. Besides, Colleen and Erik married after Flynn was born. His birth is what helped seal things for the love birds, and they went ahead to focus on their family and got other kids three years later.

Who are Flynn’s Parents?

Flynn’s mother is widely known for her celebrity character, “Miranda Sings.” She made her online debut in 2008 and has a channel with over 10 million subscribers. Flynn’s mother has had numerous career milestones. For instance, she shared a stage with Arianna Grande when she was pregnant with Flynn.

Moreover, she has won the “Best Actress” for the Steamy Award and the ‘Web Star: Comedy’ Teen Choice Award. She has also appeared in different Netflix series. As for Flynn’s father, he is an actor and composer. He also appears on his wife’s YouTube channel.


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