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Jean Carol Hertzler: The Mother of Liza Koshy

Jean Carol Hertzler is mostly known as the mother of internet personality and actress Liza Koshy. This article will cover all you need to know about her.

Background and Family

Public information about Jean Carol Hertzler’s background and early life is somewhat limited, probably because she prefers privacy. She is married to Indian Malayali petroleum executive Jose Koshy. The couple have three daughters: Liza Koshy, Rahel Koshy, and Olivia Koshy.


There is no information publicly about Jean Carol Hertzler’s profession.

Public Appearances

Jean Carol Hertzler attended the Los Angeles Premiere of Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken by Liza Koshy in June 2023. This got some media attention.

Personal Life


Details about Jean Carol Hertzler’s life are kept secret but she clearly support her daughters in their chosen career.

Her Daughter, Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy is a name synonymous with infectious humor and energetic relatability and has forged a path in the digital age. Her journey from creating Vine videos in her college dorm room to multi-platform star is an inspiration to budding content creators.

Liza was born Elizabeth Shaila Koshy in Houston, Texas in 1996. Her heritage is Indian (from her father) and Caucasian (from her mother). Private details about her early education include acting and filmmaking in high school.

Liza became famous in 2013 on the six-second video platform, Vine. Her comedic timing and relatable personality came across in her short skits that amassed millions of followers. She was soon one of the hottest Viners with her impersonations, pranks and everyday life parodies.

After Vine folded in 2017, Liza moved over to YouTube and created longer content. Her vlogs, challenges and comedic sketches were popular and made her one of the fastest growing YouTubers of the moment.

Liza has also done acting outside of YouTube. She got roles in movies like “Boo! A Madea Halloween “(2016) and Overboard (2018). She also voiced characters in animated films such as “Trollhunters: ” Stories of Arcadia (2016-2018)” and “Smiling Friends” (2020). In 2021 she appeared on the Netflix original Reality House.

Liza is more than a talent in acting and content. She has hosted awards shows, been a correspondent for major events and launched her own merchandise line.

Details about Liza’s specific education are private but she has talked about attending college and juggling her studies with her growing online career. This dedication to education while following her passion shows her focus and work ethic.

Estimates for Liza Koshy’s net worth vary, but she probably has millions of dollars. She has a YouTube channel, brand endorsements, acting roles and a merchandise line.

Liza is private about her personal life. In general terms, she has spoken about mental health and taking breaks from social media to balance work and life.

Liza Koshy shows aspiring creators that dedication, humor and a connection with your audience can make you a success. Her fans wait for her next creative endeavor as she continues to branch out in the entertainment industry.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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