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Jeff Foxworthy Net Worth Biography and life history

Jeff-Foxworthy-Net-Worth Jeff-Foxworthy-Net-Worth

If you will talk about the world-famous and richest comedian from America, Jeff Foxworthy will definitely make a place on the list. Hugely known for being a prolific stand-up comedian and actor, Jeff Foxworthy is a successful personality having a net worth in millions. Today, let us take a moment to tell everything in detail about his earnings and net worth.

The article will revolve around the earnings of Jeff Foxworthy, his expenditures, different sources of income, personal assets, endorsements, and many other details.

Net worth of Jeff Foxworthy 

The 65-year-old American versatile comedian has accumulated a staggering net worth of around $100 million at the moment. He has been truly unstoppable throughout his career and making huge money even at the age of 65. We expect his net worth to rise in the future because he is quite much active in his profession.

Main source of earnings 

Jeff Foxworthy is a stand-up comedian and this is, of course, his mainstream earning. Later on in his professional career, he diversified his skills and tried his hands in different professions but when it comes to earning money, the major chunk of his net worth stems from his comedy career only.

Additional earning streams

Other than being a successful stand-up comedian, Jeff Foxworthy is also an actor, writer, and radio & television host. Given this fact, it won’t be wrong to expect that Jeff Foxworthy is earning money from different sources that help him to have such a huge net worth.


Owing to the legacy and stardom of Jeff Foxworthy, we are pretty sure that brands would be running after him. However, since no confirmed details are available about the endorsements and sponsorships of Jeff Foxworthy, we can’t say anything for sure but we hope that Jeff Foxworthy must have endorsed big brands in his life.

Asset and fortune 

Although Jeff Foxworthy has never revealed any information about his personal assets, you can have an idea about his fortune keeping his net worth in mind. In 2020, Jeff Foxworthy sold his luxurious mansion worth $3 million.

Jeff Foxworthy’s expenditure on charity 

It’s not only the personal fortune of Jeff Foxworthy that is hidden from the public but he has never publicized his social and charity works. Given the fact it is hard to say which charity organizations Jeff Foxworthy supports and whether or not he is involved in social causes.

Personal life of Jeff Foxworthy 

Jeff Foxworthy was born on 6 September 1958 in Atlanta, Georgia as the oldest of three children of Carole Linda and Jimmy Abstance Foxworthy. His father was an IBM executive by profession who provided Jeff Foxworthy with a good childhood. Like his childhood, Jeff Foxworthy has a wonderful married life too lasting for years. He got married to American actress Pamela Gregg in 1985 and the couple has two kids together today.


Jeff Foxworthy started his professional career when he was 24 years old and today he is 65 years old. Today, after 40 years, he has truly achieved great success in terms of money and stardom.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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