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Ken Jeong Net Worth Biography and life history

Ken-Jeong-Net-Worth Ken-Jeong-Net-Worth

Ken Jeong is a famous stand-up comedian from America who is 54 years old right now and managed to achieve success in Hollywood despite being an outsider. His giant professional success has helped him to earn a massive amount of money in his life as well and today we are going to talk about that.

So, read this article if you are interested in finding out the total net worth, earning sources, personal assets, and expenditures of Ken Jeong.

Net worth of Ken Jeong

Right now, Ken Jeong is estimated to hold a great net worth of approximately $14 million. He began his career as a stand-up comedian in 1992 when he was 23 years old and has been achieving success in his professional career and making big money since then. It took him almost 22 years to reach where he is today.

Main source of income 

Needless to mention the primary source of the income of Ken Jeong is his comedy and acting career. He has been tremendously active in these two professions all his career and made really a stunning amount of money. Even today, Ken Jeong is quite active professionally.

Additional earning streams

Before becoming a comedian and actor, Ken Jeong has worked as a professional physician too. Given the fact, he has earned money through this profession as well.


To be honest, Ken Jeong has not revealed any information related to his endorsements. However, considering the fact that he is such a big star and a popular face, it won’t be wrong to assume that the phenomenal actor must have partnered with some brands.

Asset and fortune 

Like many other personal details, Ken Jeong has not taken the curtains off his assets and fortune as well. How many cars and real estate properties he owns is still a mystery to the public. There is information available only about his one house worth $5.2 million, which is located in Calabasas.

Ken Jeong’s expenditure on charity

Ken Jeong is a supporter of a number of charity organizations and social causes. Some of the social causes advocated by Ken Jeong are cancer, children, creative arts, education, and hunger. In addition to that, he is also involved with several charity organizations like the American Association for Cancer Research, American Cancer Society, American Stroke Association, and Cancer Research Institute.

Personal life of Ken Jeong 

Ken Jeong was born on 13 July 1969 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S, Michigan, U.S. to D.K. and Young Jeong, who were South Korean immigrants. As for the personal life of Ken Jeong, he is a happily married man right now and the name of his wife is Tran Ho, who is also a physician by profession. The couple got married in 2004 and have two kids together today.


Although Ken Jeong is 54 years old right now, the way he is active in his professional career, we hope that his net worth is going to increase in the future and he will write more phenomenal stories of his success.



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