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Makeda Jahnesta’s Parents, Education And Net worth

Makeda-Jahnesta Makeda-Jahnesta

Makeda Jahnesta is an artist and motivational speaker who is better recognized for being the daughter of legendary Jamaican musician, Bob Marley. Makeda Jahnesta was identified as the daughter of Bob after his death. However, the official website of Bob Marley doesn’t list Makeda Jahnesta as his daughter. Whatever the truth is, we are not here to discuss that but the life details of Makeda Jahnesta. So, get into the details.

Bio of Makeda Jahnesta

Makeda Jahnesta is the 42-year-old daughter of Bob Marley and Yvette Crichton. If you are curious to find out about the love life of Makeda Jahnesta, let us be honest and tell you not at all any information is available regarding the same.

Wiki of Makeda Jahnesta

Makeda Jahnesta was born on 30th May 1981. Besides that, not even a single piece of information is available about Makeda Jahnesta. From her nationality to ethnicity and religious beliefs to political interest, everything remains under wraps. The father of Makeda Jahnesta was Jamaican, so we believe that Makeda Jahnesta might also be Jamaican by nationality.

Parents and siblings

Makeda Jahnesta is the only child of her parents, Bob Marley and Yvette Crichton, who were not married. They had a casual relationship which led to the birth of Makeda Jahnesta. The father of Makeda Jahnesta had a romantic relationship with many women and had kids with them as well. Given the fact, Makeda Jahnesta has a bunch of step-siblings.

If we talk about the professions of her parents, you already know her father was a legendary musician but nothing is available about her mother.


Physical appearance

Makeda Jahnesta is a beautiful lady blessed with a younger look. She is 42 years old right now but looks around just 30. All thanks to her facial features, slim personality, joyous smile, and incredible fashion sense. Her hair is curly and her complexion is dusky.

Early life and education

To be honest, Makeda Jahnesta has not taken the curtains off her childhood and early life. What her qualifications are and how her childhood was is completely unknown to the public.

Career and Future Plans

Makeda Jahnesta has followed the footprints of her father and tried her hands in the music industry. Today, she is a DJ and also an artist. However, she is yet to taste smashing success. In addition to that, Makeda Jahnesta is also a motivational speaker. As far as the future plans of Makeda Jahnesta are concerned, she hasn’t dropped any details regarding that.

Hobbies and favorite things

Makeda Jahnesta has shared many of her personal details on her Instagram handle but she hasn’t talked about her hobbies. Given this fact, there is no chance of finding anything about her hobbies and favorite things.

Net worth

Right now, Makeda Jahnesta is active in different professions, so we believe she must be earning a decent amount of money in her life. However, we can’t put the exact numbers of the net worth of Makeda Jahnesta because it has not been revealed by Makeda Jahnesta herself.


Makeda Jahnesta is looking forward to making something big in the music industry. We hope she manages to make her dream come true one day and achieve success like her father.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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