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Patricia Lee Lyon’s Parents, Career And Net worth

Patricia-Lee-Lyon Patricia-Lee-Lyon

Patricia Lee Lyon is dead today but she is still popular. The interesting thing is that Patricia Lee Lyon was not famous because of her own work but because of her ex-husband, Robert Fuller, who was a renowned American actor and horse rancher. If you are already interested in unfolding more details about Patricia Lee Lyon, read this article further.

Bio of Patricia Lee Lyon

With the fact that Patricia Lee Lyon Rose to popularity only after getting married to the American actor, not much information is available about her biography including her age and the names of her parents. Moving on to her married life, it was also not very successful for Patricia Lee Lyon. She got married to American actor Robert Fuller in 1962 but the marriage ended with a divorce in 1984 after having three kids together.

Wiki of Patricia Lee Lyon

When Patricia Lee Lyon was born is not known but she died in 1994. She was American by nationality and her other basic details like her social interest, political views, ethnicity, faith, spirituality, and other such details never came out in public.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that the family background of Patricia Lee Lyon is a complete secret to the public. The reason for that is, these details have not been disclosed by Patricia Lee Lyon herself.

Physical appearance


Patricia Lee Lyon was not the kind of person who was very much interested in glamor. Even when she was married to a renowned actor, she used to hardly make public appearances. This is the reason it is hard to write down the physical appearance of Patricia Lee Lyon.

Early life and education

If you are expecting to get something confirmed about the childhood and educational background of Patricia Lee Lyon, let us burst your bubble and tell you nothing is available about the same. The reason being, that Patricia Lee Lyon has never opened her lips regarding this matter.

Career and Future Plans

This is again something that remains a complete secret for the public. Whether or not Patricia Lee Lyon was professionally active is not confirmed either. However, with the fact that she was the spouse of such a great actor, we believe that Patricia Lee Lyon was probably a working lady.

Hobbies and favorite things

Not just the family and professional life details but Patricia Lee Lyon hasn’t ever spoken about her hobbies as well. Owing to this fact, Nothing can be said about the hobbies and favorite things of Patricia Lee Lyon.

Net worth

Considering the fact that no information is available about the professional career of Patricia Lee Lyon, we can’t say anything about her net worth. However, with the fact that Patricia Lee Lyon was the wife of a famous actor, there was no dearth of luxury and comfort in her life.


Being a celebrity wife and maintaining a private life is not an easy task but Patricia Lee Lyon did it beautifully. we won’t hesitate to say Patricia Lee Lyon was definitely a lady with a private life.

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