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Maury Povich’s Net Worth, Real Estate Investment and Career

Maury-Povich's-Net-Worth, Maury-Povich's-Net-Worth,

Maury Povich is a celebrated media personality. Famous for hosting Maury’s show, he gathered an audience, through the show which dealt with family and social issues. The show spanned thirty-one years, making him a famous personality in the industry.

Maury was motivated by his father and chose to study journalism. His father was a successful writer for the Washington Post. After experiencing his father’s success, he immediately settled for journalism.

Povich is known to have held various roles as a television personality, journalist, and news anchor.

What is Maury Povich’s Net Worth

Maury Povich is a millionaire, with a net worth of $80 million combined with that of his wife. Maury and his wife of many years have been in the media industry for years, enabling them to earn a good net worth.

Povich’s role at the Maury Show has made him a known personality. The show started in 1991 and it was later renamed to Maury. He became popular for revealing paternity tests live on air, hence the popular catchphrase “You are Not the Father”Maury-Povich's-Net-Worth,-Real-Estate-Investment-and-Career

Maury’s Career

Maury is a successful television personality known for hosting various shows. He hosted “A Current Affair” for three years, after which he launched his show, The Maury Povich Show. The show began in 1991, during which Paramount Domestic Television distributed.

After some time, the show was renamed to Maury by Studios USA. After that, the show received negative criticism, with others terming it as trashy content. The criticism was fueled by “Who’s the Daddy? A segment that involved Povich giving men paternity tests and revealing the children’s father.

While he continued to host Maury’s show, he worked on other projects including “Twenty One” (2000), and “Weekends with Maurie and Connie” which he co-hosted with his wife. The show aired for a year, after which it got canceled due to bad ratings.

Besides hosting shows, Maury ventured into acting in films and television shows. Among notable films he acted in include The Swinger, and South Park.

Real Estate and Investment

Maury is proud to own various real estate properties and investments. He purchased a home in 2009 alongside his wife and paid $9 million for the property. The property is located in Washington, DC, the city where he grew up before relocating to New York.

Moreover, the television personality and his wife own a ranch in Bigfork, Montana. They spend a few months on the ranch every year.

While not all investments by the television personality are known, it is clear that in 2017, he purchased a large stake in Chatter, a Washington-based restaurant and bar.


Maury Povich was born on January 17, 1939, in Washington, D.C. He grew up in Washington before he relocated to New York City, where he worked.

Away from his career, Maury is a proud father. He has two children with his ex-wife, Phyllis Minkoff, whom he married in 1962. After divorcing in 1979, he married Connie Ching, a fellow news anchor. Connie and Maury adopted a son in 1995.

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