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Michael Barrett Cinematographer Net Worth Biography and life history

Michael-Barrett-Cinematographer-Net-Worth Michael-Barrett-Cinematographer-Net-Worth

Popularly known for being the husband of American actor and podcaster Anna Faris, Michael Barrett is a 53-year-old cinematographer from America, who himself holds a successful professional career and has made huge money in his career so far. Today, we thought to sum up the total net worth of Michael Barrett.

So, read the article below and have all the information about the total net worth of Michael Barrett, his different sources of earnings, fortune, personal assets, expenditure, and other such details.

Net worth of Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett started his career as a cinematographer in 1996 and has been active since then. Today, after almost 28 years of being active in the industry, Michael Barrett has earned a giant net worth of around $8 to 10 million. Recently, he has not been much active in his profession, so there is a chance that his net worth might have dropped a little bit.

Main source of earnings

The main source of income of Michael Barrett is obviously his cinematography career. He has worked hard in his career so far to amass the net worth he has today.

Additional earning streams

Apart from being a cinematographer, Michael Barrett is also a film director which is an additional earning source for him. Although he hasn’t achieved much success as a film director, it definitely helps him to make some extra money and add up to his net worth.


No doubt Michael Barrettistrumentally successful in his profession and has achieved great heights in terms of success as well as money but he usually remains away from the limelight of the media. This is the reason nothing is available about the endorsements of Michael Barrett. He might have partnered with big brands but is usually not seen advocating any brand.

Asset and fortune 

Like the endorsement deals, you are unlikely to find any confirmed information about personal properties like assets and the fortune of Michael Barrett. Considering his lifestyle, it seems like Michael Barrett is living a luxurious life. However, he hasn’t made anything public regarding the same.

Michael Barrett’s expenditure on charit 

The way Michael Barrett has kept all the details related to his life to himself only, we are not at all surprised to find out that nothing much is available to the public about the charity and humanitarian works of Michael Barrett.

Personal life of Michael Barrett 

Michael Barrett was born on 28 May 1970 in the USA. Apart from that, Nothing is available about the parents and other childhood details of Michael Barrett. If we talk about his personal life, today he is a happily married man and enjoying the best days of his life with his beautiful wife Anna Faris, an actress and podcaster, whom he married in 2021. Michael Barrett is yet to embrace parenthood.


The reason for the popularity of Michael Barrett can definitely be his wife but he himself solely is the reason for his professional success. This is why today he is a millionaire.



Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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