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Michael Jamar Ford, marriage to Keke Wyatt, Divorce and New Journey

Michael-Jamar-Ford,-marriage-to-Keke-Wyatt,-Divorce-and-New-Journey Michael-Jamar-Ford,-marriage-to-Keke-Wyatt,-Divorce-and-New-Journey

 Michael Jamar Ford is the second husband of famous TV personality Keke Wyatt. She is an American singer and songwriter. Here we are going to discuss how Keke Wyatt met her husband and their relationship and children.

Keke was born on 10 March 1982. Lorna Wyatt, a vocalist, and Keever Wyatt II are the parents of Keke Wyatt. Her parents were also in the music industry. She has four brothers. Keke Wyatt started her career at the age of two years. Her first live performance was at the age of 5 years. She got her early education from high school in Indiana where she was a member of the wrestling team. She performed with many girl groups in her teenage. Then she focuses on her music albums. Keke Wyatt released five studio albums.

First Husband of Keke Wyatt

Keke Wyatt married her first husband Rahmat, when she was 18 years old. They shared three children. At the time of the divorce, Keke Wyatt was pregnant and having a fourth child. Ragmat was famous for being the husband of a famous singer but he was also famous for collaborating with R&B Artist Avant.

Marriage to Micheal Jamar Ford

Michael Jamar Ford is the second husband of Keke Wyatt. She married Michael Jamar Ford

In 2010. They have three children together He is an oriented minister. Their relationship did not last long and he divorced Keke Wyatt in 2017.

What was the Reason for Micheal Jamar Ford and Keke Wyatt’s divorce?


It was a piece of shocking news for fans when Micheal divorced her. Because she was suffering from a tough time. She was pregnant and was also worried about her son who was fighting Cancer.

Keke Wyatt posted a video on social media in which she said that Micheal wanted to leave her because he was cheating on her. It was a difficult time for both of them because Keke Wyatt was pregnant.

But Micheal told different reasons for their divorce. In an interview, Michael Jamar Ford said that he loved Keke Wyatt so much and that he always takes care of all children whether they are biological or non-biological. He said that he couldn’t be her husband anymore because he did not want his children to grow up in a toxic environment. He said that Keke Wyatt and I are divorced officially and we are free to move on and can have new relationships for our happy life.

New Journey of Michael Jamar Ford

Michael Jamar Ford started dating Paris Bennett and they got married. Keke Wyatt blamed Micheal cheated her and is still her husband but Paris Bennett and Michael Jamar Ford said that He is not her husband and are legally divorced. Micheal has not cheated her and has the right to choose a life partner for him.

Paris Bennett is an American Idol contestant. He married her and they are living a happy life and he is still with her.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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