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Michael Levonchuck Low Life, Kids, Popularity, & More

Michael-Levonchuck-Low-Life,-Kids Michael-Levonchuck-Low-Life,-Kids

Michael Levonchuck is one of the low life personalities in the United States who got famous because of his daughter Amber Rose.

In this article, we will try to highlight all the information on the low life of Michael Levonchuck, how his life turned into being the father of a famous public figure and a lot more.

Living A Low Life

Ever since his childhood, the identity and personality of Michael has been like any regular low life and ordinary man from the United States. Whatever he did in his childhood, college days, and regular days, it’s all a thing of the past. No one knows or literally cared about his personal life either, including himself.

Growing As a Family

As he grew, he dated and married Dorothy Rose, who was again, another low life lady. They both have been a happily married couple and there is nothing wrong in their relationship. However, little did anyone knew that these two simple and ordinary citizens will be the root of a series of artists.

Michael made Amber Rose with Dorothy Rose and this child turned out to be a star.Michael-Levonchuck-Low-Life,-Kids,-Popularity,-&-More

Daughter’s Rise To Fame

Amber Rose is now an American model and rapper, who comes from a simple family that Michael started. A family that no one knew about. No one actually cared about this simple family until Aber grew to stardom.

She has done a lot of work that not only made Amber and her family famous, but also brought them out of poverty. Her notable movies and TV shows include:

  • College Hill: Celebrity Edition: Since 2022
  • School Dance: 2014
  • The Amber Rose Show: 2016
  • Sister Code: 2015
  • Dancing with the Stars: Since 2005
  • Inside Amy Schumer: Since 2013
  • Walk of No Shame: (No year provided)
  • Gang of Roses 2: Next Generation: 2012
  • Master of the Mix: 2010 – 2013
  • Good Mourning: 2022
  • The Trouble with Jessica: 2023
  • What Happened Last Night: 2016
  • Selfie: 2014
  • Light Girls: 2015
  • Cameron and Eddie Lose the Belt: 2015
  • Morbid: A Love Story: 2009
  • A.W.: 2011
  • Elizabeth: 2013
  • Better Off Alone: 2008

Amber’s Relationships

Amber got into a relationship with Kayne West, a dude who is known to have date a lot. The couple lasted for two years and Michael’s daughter broke up with Kanye.

More In His Family

Michael’s only daughter finally married Wiz Khalifa, who is a professional American rapper and singer. He was a proud addition to Michael’s small family only till the year 2016 when he and Amber divorced.

New Son-in-law For Michael

Later Amber married Alexander Edwards, making him a son-in-law of Michael. This couple is married ever since then and has made Antonio Hewlett together.

Michael’s Doubtful Son

Michael’s another son is Antonio Hewlett, but we doubt that he’s really his son. In reality, he is said to be a sibling of Amber. Antonio is a musical artist and is very active on social media including Instagram and YouTube.


Even though Michael has lived a low life throughout, his family and descendants all ran into show business and became famous. Not only they got famous, but also brought Michael to a limelight that he couldn’t achieve all by himself.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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