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Mosley Thompson Manning: Background, Education, and Interests

Mosley-Thompson-Manning Mosley-Thompson-Manning

Mosley Thompson Manning is best known as the daughter of retired NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. This article delves into her background, family, interests, and more.


Mosley Thompson Manning was born on March 31, 2011 in Indianapolis, United States. The names of her parents are Peyton Manning and Ashley Thompson Manning. She has a fraternal twin brother whose name is Marshal Williams.


There is no information available publicly about her education. However, given her age, she should have completed high school.


Unlike her father who is into football, Mosley seems to be interested in other sports such as soccer, tennis, volleyball, and softball.Mosley-Thompson-Manning-2024

Supportive Cheerleader

Mosley has backed her dad’s career – even when she has not played football herself. An especially touching memory from Peyton’s farewell speech has Mosley asking if this Super Bowl he would play would be his last. This showed the close bond she shares with her father.


The future of Mosley Thompson Manning is still unclear. However, one thing is certain; she has an athletic streak and a caring family.

Her Father, Peyton Manning

A name associated with gridiron excellence, Peyton Manning is recognized as among the best quarterbacks of all time. Born in 1976, Peyton inherited football royalty. His dad, Archie Manning, was a superstar quarterback himself and his younger brother Eli played in the NFL. Peyton already showed athleticism early on. He was a sought-after recruit at Isidroe Newman School of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Manning studied at the University of Tennessee and excelled athletically and academically. He graduated with a marketing degree and helped the Volunteers go undefeated and win the national championship in 1997. His on-field skills earned him the Heisman Trophy, making him an NFL prospect.

Manning entered the 1998 NFL Draft as the first overall pick of the Indianapolis Colts. He was a major force, helping the Colts make many playoff appearances and win Super Bowl XLI in 2006. A career-threatening neck injury did keep him out of the 2011 season.

Many had doubts about Manning returning but he defied the odds. After being released by the Colts, he signed with Denver Broncos on a contract in 2012. Manning displayed incredible strength while undergoing extensive rehabilitation. He helped the Broncos win two Super Bowl appearances – Super Bowl XLVII in 2016 – prior to retirement in 2016.

Manning is enjoying retirement smoothly. He is a beloved broadcaster who gives weekly NFL games commentary. His quick wit and game knowledge have made him new fans.

Manning is more than a football player. He is a smart businessman – invested in Papa John’s Pizza (since divested) and many other ventures. He also owns a Minor League Baseball team – the Omaha Storm Chaser.

Manning’s net worth is estimated at more or less USD 300 million, reflecting his playing career and profitable post-retirement pursuits. He supports charitable causes through the Peyback Foundation.

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