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Beaux Thieriot: Family, Education, and More

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Beaux Thieriot is son of actor Max Thieriot. This article covers all that you need to know about him.


Beaux Thieriot was born on December 27, 2015. He is currently 8 years old. The names of his parents are Max Thieriot and Lexi Murphy. Because Beaux Thieriot is so young, there is little information about him.


Given his age, we believe Beaux Thieriot should still be in an elementary school.

Social Media Glimpses

Max Thieriot occasionally posts photos from his family life online. Such glimpses includes a birthday party or a day out but nothing about Beaux’s personality or interests.Beaux-Thieriot

His Father, Max Thieriot

Max Thieriot (born Maximillion Drake Thieriot in 1988) has taken many paths in entertainment. Thieriot has consistently won hearts and minds from his first movie roles to his leading roles in television dramas.

Born in California, no records exist about Thieriot’s formal education. But he started acting young, which suggests a natural gift for performing. He started in entertainment taking improvisation classes and modeling for GAP. Then came roles in short films.

Thieriot made her feature film debut with the adventure comedy Catch That Kid in 2004. This first project was followed by roles in family-friendly films including “The Pacifier” (2005) and “Nancy Drew” (2007). These earlier roles allowed him to practice acting and gain recognition with an audience.

With the film Jumper, Thieriot switched to more science fiction roles in 2008. He further proved his versatility with roles in the psychological thriller Chloe (2009) and supernatural horror My Soul to Take (2010). These varied projects showed he could handle different genres and characters.

2013 was a turning point for Thieriot. The prequel to the horror film Psycho was the A&E drama series “Bates Motel”. Thieriot gave an outstanding dramatic performance as Norman Bates’ brother, Dylan Massett. He remained with the series for its five seasons, making him a television star.

While “Bates Motel” earned Thieriot critical acclaim, he continued to pursue film projects. He has appeared on historical miniseries Texas Rising (2015) and as Navy SEAL Clay Spenser on CBS drama SEAL Team (2017-2022). That role consolidated his action hero image and showed his willingness to portray physically demanding characters.

In 2022 Thieriot broadened his artistic scope. He co-created, starred in and sometimes writes and executive produces the CBS drama Fire Country. This series gives him experience in action roles while also exploring family and community themes.

Max Thieriot has a net worth of around USD 40 million from his acting, producing, and writing career. He has also voiced for video games and animated shows.

Thieriot keeps a fairly private personal life. He married actress Lexi Murphy in 2013 and together they have a son, Beaux. Social media postings occasionally give a glimpse of his family life but he mostly works.

Max Thieriot’s journey in Hollywood demonstrates his dedication, versatility and willingness to take risks. From his first movies to major television roles, he has always entertained audiences across the world.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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