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Meet Nancy Fields O’Connor, Carroll O’Connor’s Wife

Nancy-O’Connor Nancy-O’Connor

The late Nancy O’Connor was an actress. Her fame is attributed to her acting and for being the wife of the late Carroll O’Connor. The couple did a lot together, especially in helping people and institutions to better society. Although their time on earth has ended, their work and reputation still live, and their names are fresh in people’s minds. For those unfamiliar with the couple, this post shares insights into who Nancy O’Connor was while also talking about her husband.

Biography of Nancy O’Connor

Nancy was an American actress born on December 13, 1929. She was born in Los Angeles, United States, and her birth sign is Sagittarius. Nancy’s personal life is unknown, and we have no information on who her parents and siblings were.

Still, details about her upbringing and where she grew up are unknown. She didn’t share much information about her childhood, and most of the available information is regarding her adult and married life.

Even her educational background is unclear. We have no details about the high school she attended and what year she graduated. As for her higher education, she is a graduate of the University of Montana.

Career Life

Nancy has worked her way into creating a professional career as an actress. Her acting passion started when she was young, and she started acting in 1976. Her fame met her when she played Aunt Meg in the film “A Whale of a Tale.”

Over the years, Nancy has appeared in other films, including The Celluloid Closet (1995), The Mike Douglas Show (`961), etc. Nancy lived an admirable life. Together with her husband, the couple cared about others and engaged in different goodwill activities, such as offering donations and creating foundations aimed at helping those in need while bettering society.

Nancy’s Death

Even good things come to an end. For Nancy, she had served her purpose in life and become a role model for many. Her life and deeds remain in people’s minds and hearts, and those who interacted with her give testimony to her kind and welcoming nature.

Nancy met her death on November 10, 2014. She died in her home in Malibu, California. By this time, she was 84 years old. Her husband had died thirteen years earlier due to a heart attack.

Who Was Nancy’s Husband?

Nancy was the wife of Carroll O’Connor. Her husband was born on August 2, 1924, in Manhattan, New York City. His birth name is John Carroll O’Connor, and he went by the nickname Matt Harris. Carroll was raised in Forest Hills and was born into a Jewish community.

Carroll graduated from high school and opted to join the military service, where he joined the Merchant Marines. Later on, he joined the University of Montana in 1946, and that’s where he met Nancy, dated her for a few years, and married her in 1951.

Carroll moved to Ireland to focus on his theatrical studies, and that’s where he met his opportunity and started his acting career. Carroll remained married to Nancy until his death on June 21, 2001, in Culver City, California.



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