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Chris Chelios Biography and life history

Chris-Chelios Chris-Chelios

Chris Chelios is one of the legendary names in ice hockey. The legend made a name for himself when playing for different years, and his skills accelerated his reputation. While many people know him, his wife is not widely known. Besides, you will hardly see him posting her on his socials. Luckily, this post shares the details we have about Tracee Chelios. Take a look!

Who is Tracee Chelios?

Tracee Chelios is the celebrity wife of the ice hockey legend Chris Chelios. One notable and respected fact is that Tracee and Chris Chelios have been together from their undergraduate years. They have over three decades of friendship and marriage.

Despite being a celebrity wife, Tracee Chelios is not widely known. Her information is scarce as he doesn’t share much about herself. We have no information about her childhood and upbringing. Moreover, she hasn’t mentioned details about her parents and siblings.

Career and Education

Tracee joined the University of Wisconsin as an undergraduate in the 80s. It was through her quest for education that she met her husband. Unfortunately, Tracee has not shared information about her high school or the course she pursued at the university.

Even her career is kept hidden. She doesn’t love being in the spotlight, so she hasn’t publicly shared her information. We don’t know where she is working or what business she is running. Apart from being Chris Chelios’ wife, her details are unavailable.

Tracee’s Marriage

The story of Tracee and her husband is remarkable. The two met at the University of Wisconsin and developed a friendship that soon became love. Chris discovered Tracee after realizing that she was the roommate of his teammate’s girlfriend. He then established a connection with her, and the friendship soon led to a first date. The two were into each other, and the first date laid the foundation for a long-lasting love.

As of 2024, Tracee and her husband have been married for over three decades. Although their marriage has had challenges, their love has kept them strong and united to handle the turbulence. The couple enjoys a private life, and apart from what Chris shares on his social media platforms, much insight about the family remains unknown.

The couple has four children. Dean, the firstborn, made a name for himself on the hockey field playing for his high school team, leading them to victory in a high school hockey championship in 2006. Dean seems focused on taking up the sporting world to be an athlete like his father.

Jake is the second child and followed his father’s path. He is a defenseman for Kunlun Red Star. The third born, Caley, didn’t take the sporting world. Instead, she is a graduate of Northwestern University and works as a reporter. Tara, the last born in the family, was born in 1996, and her information is unavailable.

Tracee’s husband was in active sports from 1984 to 2010 and was a national team player for his country, the United States, playing defense for the ice hockey team.



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