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Jerry Shirer, All About Pricilla Shirer’s Husband

Jerry-Shirer Jerry-Shirer

Jerry Shirer is a celebrity husband who is famous for his collaboration with his wife, Priscilla Shirer. Priscilla Shirer has been in the limelight since her childhood, and her father’s work as a pastor at a mega-church in Dallas is what has made her famous.

Despite Priscilla being a celebrity daughter, she has made a name for herself and a career through writing books and being a motivational speaker. She wrote The Resolution for Conferences, which became a New York Times bestseller, making her motivational speaker career even more lucrative.

Thousand of people flock to Priscilla’s conferences, and she thanks her husband Jerry for their collaboration in making everything successful. Although they have a good career, they always choose family time, something that has made their marriage stronger for over a decade. Here is Jerry’s story!

Who is Jerry Shirer?

Jerry Shirer is a former Hilton Hotels executive. Before Jerry married, he was the vice president of the Hilton Hotels. He met his wife Priscilla at a conference where Priscilla had been called to give a talk to the team, and one of Herry’s coworkers joked that he should ask her out.

Jerry was one of the members of Tony Evans’ church, Priscilla’s father, and he did not want to play her. Jerry called Pricilla one day, and one month after their first meeting, Jerry asked Tony Evans for permission to date his daughter.

Barely a year after they started dating, Jerry asked for blessings to marry Priscilla. The couple has been together for over two decades, blessed with three sons. Jerry is a co-partner of Priscilla, and they have collaborated in driving ministry work forward.

While Priscilla is so famous for giving motivation on stages, her husband is not, but he is the best in detail. Ther different skill sets have enabled them to collaborate and take ministry work far.

Jerry Shirer Family Time

Priscilla and Jerry Shirer are known for their ministry work. Since Priscilla authored a best-selling book, she has received numerous invitations to speak at conferences. As much as she loves devoting her time to the ministry, she values family time, which makes it essential to choose invitations to agree.

Jerry Shirer has played a great role in making family time better because he is not only his marriage partner but also his partner in other things. The couple shares all their work, including house chores, making it easy for the family to have time for fun.

Jerry Shirer grew up with a single mom, and it was normal for him to know household chores and cooking at a young age. Priscilla has confessed her husband cooks better than her and cleans even better, but that is what makes them partners.

Jerry admits that he sometimes wishes that his wife had never written Life Interrupted since their lives have been interrupted. Because of their ministry, they need to forgo their leisure some other times. But still, Jerry and his wife are doing great, as they try to create time for themselves and the family as much as possible.


Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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