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David Copperfield Net Worth Biography and life history

David-Copperfield-Net-Worth David-Copperfield-Net-Worth

Popularly known as the most commercially successful magician in history, David Copperfield is a millionaire magician and illusionist from America who has amassed such a giant amount of net worth in his life that you can’t even imagine from a magician. So, unfold the article to find out all the details about the earnings and net worth of David Copperfield.

Here, we’ll talk about how much net worth David Copperfield has, what are his different sources of earnings, his fortune, assets, and other such details.

Net worth of David Copperfield 

Having a jaw-dropping net worth of around $800 million, David Copperfield is reportedly said to be the richest magician in the world. He is 67 years old right now and has been professionally active since he was 20 years old. Given the fact, it took him a long career of 40 years to earn such a huge net worth.

Main source of earning

Needless to mention, the primary source of earning of David Copperfield is his magician profession. He is known for his unmatched combination of illusion and storytelling and this is what makes him impress people and earn such a giant amount of money.

Additional earning sources

No doubt, the mainstream earning for David Copperfield is his magician career but he also makes a good amount of money from his real estate endeavors. He is said to own a chain of resort islands, which ultimately make huge money for him.


There is no information available about the endorsements and sponsorships done by David Copperfield. However, we are pretty sure that he must be having a bunch of endorsements under his name and would be making great money through this medium as well, as he is such a legendary magician and popular celebrity.

Asset and fortune

Apart from a jaw-dropping net worth, David Copperfield has huge personal assets and fortune as well. He bought a luxurious mansion worth $17.5 million in Las Vegas in 2006 which is the costliest home ever sold in Las Vegas. In addition to that, David Copperfield also owns a chain of 11 resort islands in the Bahamas.

David Copperfield’s expenditure on charity 

David Copperfield is a person with a golden heart. He has founded a rehabilitation program named Project Magic, which helps disabled patients regain lost or damaged dexterity skills. In addition to that, he is also involved with many charitable organizations and is regularly seen supporting natural disaster relief programs.

Personal life of David Copperfield 

David Copperfield was born on 16 September 1956 as the darling son of Jewish couple Hyman Kotkin and Rebecca Kotkin, who were businessmen and insurance adjuster respectively. If you talk about the personal life of David Copperfield, the name of his current partner is Chloé Gosselin. Previously, he was in a relationship with German model and actress Claudia Schiffer from 1994 to 1999. Today, David Copperfield is the father of three kids.


Achieving success in an offbeat profession like a magician and earning such a giant level of money is not possible for everyone. Only extraordinary people like David Copperfield can nail it.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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