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Gillie Da Kid Net Worth, Podcasting, and Career 2024

Gillie-Da-Kid-Net Worth,-Podcasting,-and-Career-2024 Gillie-Da-Kid-Net Worth,-Podcasting,-and-Career-2024

Gillie Da Kid is an American actor, rapper, and podcast host. Gillie Da Kid is best known for performing in Philadelphia hip hop group “Major Figgas”.  His real name is Nasir Fard. He is born on 31 July 1984 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Gillie Da Kid started his early education from Ben Franklin High School. After completed the higher education he attended Cabrini College. In College, he often played basketball and did track. He married with a makeup artist “Gene”. The couple have 2 sons. In 2021, the pair released an album named “Macc N Cheese”.

Gillie Da Kid Net Worth

We all know that, Gillie Da Kid is a famous rapper and podcast host. He is also an American actor. Gillie Da Kid net worth is $5 million. He built this amount of net worth from his successful career. He co-founding and performed with “Major Figgas” Philadelphia hip hop group.

He also co-hosting the podcast “The Million Dollar Worth of Game Show” with his cousin Wallo. Gillie Da Kid was courted by a number of recording labels including “Roc-A-Fella” and “Warner Bros”. However, at the end the relation between them is not good.

Gillie Da Kid signed with “Cash Money Records”, where he ghostwrote for Lil Wayne. Before leaving to begin his own record label. In 2000, he groups released the Gillie da Kid solo album “Figgas 4 Life”. This album launched the hit single “Yeah That’s Us”. After this success, he embarked on a solo career.

Gillie Da Kid also collaborated and contributed with many other artists during his recording career. Some of Gillie Da Kid collaboration with artists like Meek Mill, MC Serch, 2 Chainz, Pusha T, and Lil Wayne.Bob-Seger’s-net-worth-and-primary-source-of-income


In 1999, Gillie Da Kid co-founded the hip hop group “Major Figgas” with his cousin Wallo. He also added some new member like Dutch, Ressy Rolx, Bump J, Spade-O, and Bianca. In Philadelphia, Major Figgas released a number of underground tapes. They also released Gillie da Kid album “Figgas 4 Life”.

In 2000, they deal with Ruffin Nation Records and the album “Figgas 4 Life” expanded and released. This album is peaked at #115 on the Billboard 200 and #29 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop album chart. However, its single “Yeah That’s Us” reached #2 on the Hot Rap Songs chart. Major Figgas is disbanded in 2001 due to some issues.

During his time in Major Figgas, he also signed with the New Orleans-based Cash Money Record to starts a solo recording career. He continued ghost writing for the label because of publishing issue prevented his work from being released. Later, Gillie Da Kid signed a deal with the independent label “Baby Grande Record” and released the mixtape “The Best of the GDK Mixtapes”. In this tape, there is a single “Get Down on the Ground” became popular.

Gillie Da Kid also released an album “King of Philly” and “I Am Philly”. After leaving Babygrande Records, he signed with “Relumae Records” and released the albums like Welcome to Gilladelphia and Million Dollars’ Worth of Game”.


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