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Romeo Santos’s Net Worth, Bio and Career

Romeo-Santos's-Net-Worth,-Bio-and-Career Romeo-Santos's-Net-Worth,-Bio-and-Career

Romeo Santos is popular for being one of the best singers in the world. He came into the limelight as the lead vocalist for Ventura, a bachata group that broke up in 2011. However, the band broke up but Romeo continued to shine in his solo career.  Romeo’s career, biography, and net worth are all discussed in this post..

Romeo Santos’ Biography

Romeo Santos is a Dominican singer. He was born in Bronx, New York City, and his birth date is  on July 21, 1981. Growing up, Romeo attended school in Bronx and even joined a local church and became a choir member.

His love for music began in church, and it flourished further when he joined the Aventura band in 1993. The band released numerous albums, projecting itself as one of the best bands in the world.

Unfortunately, the band eventually broke up as each member opted to focus on their solo career.Romeo-Santos's-Net-Worth

Santos’ Career

Romeo Santos’s career began in 1993 after he became part of the Aventura band. The band was originally formed by two brothers, Lenny and Max Santos, and their cousin Branda Suen, who left the group shortly after joining.

As a result, the Santos brothers were forced to find a new singer to join the band. They met Rome who joined the band alongside his cousin Henry. The four boys named the band Los Tinellers and they spent most of their time performing in Bronx.

After numerous local performances, the four boys were discovered by Elvin Polanco, a manager. He helped them record their studio album but changed the manager the following year.

Once the band began working with Julio Cesar Garcia, he changed the band’s name to Aventura and helped them sign a deal with Premium Latin Music. They released their debut album in 1999, including six songs from their studio album. The second album released in 20002 performed better, becoming a hit in France and Italy.

After releasing a couple of albums, the band found mainstream success in 2005 after releasing God’s Project. As the years progressed, they became a popular group, which sold numerous copies and concerts. The band disbanded in 2011 but they reunited later for concerts and tours.

After widespread success in the band, Romeo Santos began his solo career, releasing his debut album in 2011, after signing a deal with Sony Music. Ever since, Romeo has become a musical star, earning collaborations with established singers like Drake. Moreover, he attended numerous shows and sold millions of copies of his albums.

What is Romeo Santos’ Net Worth

Romeo Santos has a net worth of $40 million. The singer has been a successful singer who has managed to sell two shows at Yankee Stadium. Considering his successful tours and concerts, it is no wonder that he has managed to hit $40 million in net worth. Moreover, apart from singing, he is a record producer and actor.

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