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Kesha Net Worth, Career and Early Life

Kesha-Net-Worth,-Career-and-Early-Life Kesha-Net-Worth,-Career-and-Early-Life

Kesha is America’s most talented and songwriter who found fame at a young age. After she experienced her mother’s singing career, she quit her education at 18 years to pursue music full time. She began singing vocals with other artists, but soon became feared for her unique singing style.

After she signed a recording deal with Kemosabe Entertainment, she has grown to an established singer, with a unique striking image and musical style. After the talented singer released her debut single, it become a huge success making it as one of the most downloaded. Over the years, she has sold millions of copies of her album, boosting her net worth significantly.

What is Kesha’s Net Worth?

The celebrated American singer Kesha has accumulated a net worth of $10 million. Kesha became a known singer when she was only eighteen years old. At the start of her career, she began appearing on rapper Flo Rida’s single, which came out in 2009.

Later in the same year, Kesha released her debut single, Tik Tok, establishing herself as an upcoming artist.Kesha-Net-Worth,

Early Life

Kesha Rose Sebert was born on March 1, 1987, in Los Angeles. Kesha’s passion for music is attributed to her mother, singer and songwriter Rosemary Patricia Sebert. Despite her mother’s later success as a singer, Kesha and her elder brother had a challenging childhood.

Kesha’s mother was only growing her career when she had Kesha. Due to financial difficulties, Kesha would be alongside her mother as she performed on stage. The talented singer would look after her daughter as she grew her career.

As a single mother, Kesha’s mother has a difficult moment caring for her children. She relied on food stamps and welfare payments to cater for her needs, and those of her children. During an interview, Kesha revealed that she never saw her father, growing up. However, in 2011, she was approached by a man identified as Bob Chamberlain who claimed to be her father. The man claimed that he had been in contact with her before she turned 19.

Education and Career

Kesha attended Franklin High School and Brentwood High School. As a student, she played the trumpet and saxophone in the school marching band. Due to financial difficulties, Kesha felt that she did not fit in school. She wore homemade velvet pants and purple hair, which made her feel out of place.

While studying, her mother realized her talent, encouraging her to sing. As a result, Kesha’s mother would visit the recording studio with Kesha and her brothers. Kesha dropped out of school briefly to focus on singing but continued with studies later.

Kesha began her career in 2005 after she signed with Kemosabe Records. She spent her early time at the company singing background vocals, before she released her debut single. She released her album in 2009, containing 200 songs. The album’s lead single TikTok, became a huge success, receiving 610,000 digital downloads in a single week.

The album got certified platinum in the United States and sold over 2 million copies within the same year. Moreover, Tik Tok, the debut single became one of the best-performing songs, breaking history records as the best-selling single in digital history.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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