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Joe Walsh’s Net Worth, Career and Personal Life

Joe-Walsh' Joe-Walsh'

Joe Walsh is one of the celebrated rock stars. The American singer-songwriter and record producer came into the limelight when he was the lead guitarist for The James Gang. With the band, he toured through the European parts and earned huge audiences.

After leaving The James Gang in 1972, he formed his band, Barnstorm with a college friend, Joe Vitale. The band released a few albums before his producer suggested he join The Eagles. It was during his partnership with the Eagles that he earned more fame, and became an established guitarist.

Career and Fame

Walsh’s love for music began from a young age. At age ten, he got his first guitar. Since then, he decided that he would grow up to be one of the best guitarists in the world. Inspired by the Beatles, he began his career as a rock musician by joining a local popular group.

After high school, he briefly attended Kent State University, where he joined various bands, including Measles. The Kent State massacre in 1970 got Walsh in the vicinity. The event affected him profoundly such that he chose to quit his degree. After one semester, he dropped out.

The guitarist joined the James Gang band where he stayed from 1968 to 1971. While in the band, Walsh proved to be a reckoning force with his innovative rhythm playing and guitar riffs. The band released several tracks, with some of them becoming hits. He later moved to Colorado where he formed band Barnstorm with Joe Vitale.

The Barnstorm manager was also working with The Eagles. He recommended Walsh to join the band in 1975. While he continued to work with other bands, he started working on a solo career in 1973.

The guitarist has released twelve albums as a solo artist, enabling him to gain recognition and fame. His debut album was launched in December 1974. It contained songs like “Song for Emma”, which the singer dedicated to his three-year-old daughter who had died in a road accident.Joe-Walsh's-Net-Worth,-Career-and-Personal-Life

Net Worth

Joe Walsh is one of the richest rock stars. His net worth stands at $75 million, thanks to his successful career which has spanned many decades.

Joe came into the limelight as a lead guitarist and vocalist, but he has done other jobs that have enabled him to achieve the mentioned net worth. Away from singing in bands and solo career, he has dedicated his time as a record producer and actor.

The guitarist has released twelve solo albums and many others in the bands he has been part of throughout the years. It is no wonder that he has amassed such a substantial net worth.

Personal Life

Away from his career, Joe is a dedicated father and husband. He has been married five times throughout his life and has had three children. His eldest daughter Emma was born in 1971 and died when she was three, in a road accident.

Her other daughter Lucy Welsh is a solo musician who has followed in his footsteps. Moreover, he has a stepson named Christian Quilici. The singer and his stepson co-founded VetsAid, which raises money for veteran charities through the annual music festival.

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