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Jules Erving Profession, Net Worth, Teams, & More

Jules-Erving-Profession,-Net-Worth Jules-Erving-Profession,-Net-Worth

Jules Erving is a famous basketball player, who is a second-generation athlete in his family, following his dad. He is one of the young and successful players in sports entertainment, which is why this article is a follow-up on his profession, net worth, personal life, and everything that we could gather from different sources.


Jules Erving is now a professional basketball player, where his Instagram profile as on 2024 states that he’s playing for the Atlanta Hawks. His professional life is all about being a professional basketball player just like his legendary dad.

Net Worth

Jules is still so young that his net worth is still a private matter. His dad has a net worth of nearly $50 million in 2024, though.

Teams Played

Jules has only played for Atlanta Hawks so far till 2024, which is his current team in 2024. There are no updates on whether he will be switching team in the near future.Jules-Erving-Profession,-Net-Worth,-Teams,-&-More

Being A Next-gen Athlete

Jules is the son of Julius Erving and Dorys Madden. Julius is an American former basketball small forward, who was born on 22 February 1950.

How Was Jules’ Dad’s Career Like?

Jules’ dad Julius had a fantastic basketball career like this:

  • In 1969, he was playing for the UMass minutemen Men’s Basketball.
  • He later joined Virginia Squires 2 years later in 1971.
  • Then he switched to Brooklyn Nets in the year 1973.
  • In the year 1976, he switched his team one last time to the Philadelphia 76ers.

What More Is About His Family?

Jules has a stepmom Turquoise Brown who was married to his dad before he married his biological mother Dorýs Madden. Turquoise Brown was married to Jules’ dad from 1972 to 2003 and made Corey Erving with him.

So Cory Erving is a stepbrother of Jules with a common father Julius.

There are no reasons clear why the couple split up, but later Julius found Dorýs Madden and made these kids:

  • Alexandra Stevenson
  • Jules Erving
  • Justin Kangas

What Are Jules’ Siblings Doing?

Alexandra Stevenson

She has now become a successful professional Tennis Player and Coach. Some of the finest moments in her sports career came in the year 1999 when she reached the Wimbledon semifinals as a qualifier.

After she was done with her career as a player, she started teaching and coaching people tennis. Later she also got opportunities to become a commentator, which she gladly accepted.

Justin Kangas

This low life sibling of Jules is now out of the sight of most people. There are no reasons clear why he’s living a low life and we should totally respect what he wishes for. He lives a simple and harmless life just like a regular American citizen.

The Deceased Stepbrother Of Jules

Corey Erving was a stepbrother of Jules who went missing for several weeks. After no clues for a long time, the police found him dead. No investigation could find out the murderer, kidnapper, and the cause of death. It’s still a mystery if it was a murder or a suicide.


Jules is said to be a professional basketball player and an alumni of UC Berkeley. It’s also said that he is into business and filmmaking, but we don’t know if he has still reached to a good height of success there in 2024.

Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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