Meet Kody Angle, Kurt Angle’s Son

Kurt Angle is a wrestling champion who has made a name for himself as one of the best wrestlers. Kody Angle is the youngest child of Kurt Angle and Karren Jarret, and it seems the young boy wants to follow in his parents’ careers.

Kody Angle’s parents were lovers in the late 1990s, and they exchanged vows in 1998. Unfortunately, their married life did not last forever because of issues arising in the late 2000s.

Some rumours indicated that Karen was having an affair with Jeff Jarret, the TNA co-founder, which resulted in a divorce in 2008. Kody’s parents shared two children during their relationship, and Karen went ahead and married Jeff Jarret in 2010.

The drama was taken to the screens, and Karen was introduced as a TNA character. Karren remained in the storyline even after she asked Kurt Angle for a divorce.

Who are Kody Angle’s Parents?

Karen  Smedley and Kurt Angle are Kody’s parents. Kody is the couple’s youngest child, and he has an elder sister, Kyra. Kody’s parents were married for a few years until they split due to infidelity issues.

Karen Smedley was having an affair with someone, and it led to her failed marriage. Karen married Jeff Jarrett in 2010, two years after divorcing her husband, and Kurt Angle married in 2016.

In a blog post, Kody’s father revealed that his relationship with his ex-wife was not healthy. The wrestler reveals that he has never experienced true love until he met Giovanna Yannotti, with whom he shares three children.

Kody Angle was born on October 26, 2006, while his elder sister exceeded him by four years. Kody’s other siblings include Sophia, Guliana and Nikoletta.

On Angle’s website, he revealed that he sees his elder children, Kyra and Kody, every 2-3 months, but that does not mean he loves them less than his three children who stay with him. Kurt Angle regrets not spending much time with his elder children while growing up, but he had to make the call for his wrestling career.

The famous wrestler regrets his past but is aware that he cannot change it. Moreover, the father is very close to Kody and his sister and posts them frequently on his accounts.

Kody Angle Career

Kody Angle is a young boy who is not yet clear if he has started a career. According to his parents, he is a wrestling fan, and there is a high chance he may dive into wrestling like his father.

In an X tweet, Kurt Angle revealed that Kody would be a wrestler, and he hoped he would join the Olympics. But according to the young lad, he wants TNA/WWE.

Kurt Angle left wrestling in 2006 but wished to return later so his children could witness him in the ring. His eldest daughter Kyra had seen him wrestling, but he wanted all his five children to know who their father was.

Kurt Angle revealed that he was addicted to painkillers, but his family helped him get clean. He went to the rehab partially for the sake of his children.